Agony Auncles of Science, 22nd November, The Harrison


They look like regular advice columnists, but they have a secret weapon: science.

Join your host, Auncle Scary, and a panel of all kinds of scientists as they try and solve problems of lovelife, gardening, etiquette and more, live, using science wildly inappropriately.


No problem too large or too small, and recorded for your later enjoyment!

Can science can solve everything, or indeed anything at all?

Our Science Showoff Talent Factory panel includes:

Anna Ploszajski – resident engineer, specialist subjects: materials, innuendos and tenuous analogies

Jamie Upton – 22 year vet in the uncle game and King in the north, specialist subjects: death, brains and dead brains

Aimee Eckert – peerless style icon, specialist subjects: no matter what your query – cancer has the answer

Mike Conterio – scoutmaster of the universe, specialist subjects: lighting fires under stressful situations and quantum physics

Charlotte Mykura – tamer of wild yeasts, solver of knicker problems (unrelated)

All proceeds go to the Inner City Centre

Tuesday 22nd November, The Harrison, 28 Harrison Street, London, WC1H, 7pm


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