Specimen Showoff, 5th December, Barts Pathology Museum


On Monday 5th December, one of the World’s Top 10 Weirdest Medical Museums is holding the first ever Specimen Showoff. It’s sort of like Science Showoff, but with loads of really really terrifying things in jars.

Our aim is to engage the public with medical specimens (wet or dry, human or artificial). Speakers have nine minutes each to talk about their favourite specimen at Barts or another medical museum they’ve visited or worked at.

Joining your host Steve Cross are:

Sarah Elizabeth Cox (ex-QMUL Press Officer, failing playwright) – “I am Murdered!” – The Skull of John Bellingham

Carla Valentine (Technical Curator, Barts Pathology Museum, QMUL) – “It’s What’s Inside that Counts” – ‘Foreign Objects’ inserted into orifices

Steve Moore (QMUL Learning Resources and Facilities Manager) – “Hunter VS Potts” – The Curious Story of Barts’ Oldest Specimen, the Hernia (1750)

Subhadra Das (Curator of the Galton and Pathology Collections, UCL) – Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix specimen. The story of Henrietta Lacks – the, until recently, unknown black American woman whose cell line has been fundamental to medical science since the 1950s.

Plus more to be announced.

GET TICKETS – £10, includes wine and nibbles


(^^ just remembered that time @spookyjulie brought a bomb and an assassin to the RI)

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