Books Showoff – 24 January – Waterstones TCR

Hurrah! London’s top humorous-literary-themed-open-mic-style-night-in-a-boozy-bookshop-basement was so successful in 2016 that we’ve been invited back for more by the lovely people at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road.



Kicking off 2017 on January 2014 with a night of rapid-fire nine minute talks on Nazis, rabies, sex with trees, and probably something about books at some point, are:

Iszi Lawrence – history presenter, comedian and host of the British Museum Membercast and Z List Dead List Podcast, Iszi is likely to talk about the great literary topics of cults and sex with trees. Although, anything might crop up.

Amanda DiGioia – UCL PhD student Amanda tells us about rabies, the most diabolical of all viruses.

Kerry Lambeth is presenting on actor, director and writer Leslie Howard and how starring in sexy book adaptations led directly to smashing the Nazis.

Michael Conterio is a physicist who enjoys getting away from all that through immersing himself in worlds of magic, adventure, and characters facing intractable questions about society and ethics. And X-wings.

Aimee Eckert – Whether you yearn for the etiquette rules of the past or revel in the more liberal take on social graces today; Amy’s found much to be horrified by and laugh at in a 19th century manners guide.

Becky Littlechilds talks medieval marginalia

Ed Jefferson is an expert in useless crap. He’s read at least one book, which he’s going to attempt to tell us about.

Plus more from Ali Mozaffari, and your host Steve Cross.

Get tickets from the Waterstones website for just £5


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