Science Showoff – 1st February – Star of Kings


February has absolutely no redeeming qualities and is best spent sat in a basement with a pint or several, and a large group of top funny science people to cheer you up.

Get £6 tickets now (£8 on the door) and raise cash for Rare Dementia Support

Joining your host Steve Cross on the Star of Kings stage for the first Science Showoff of 2017 are:

Harriet Bedell-Pearce – Harriet is a doctor, presenter, and part of @HippocraTV on YouTube. She’s a scicomm specialist in medicine and surgery in film, TV and pop-culture.

Stanley Strawbridge – Disenfranchised, bitter, and self-loathing; the hallmarks of every great scientist. Watch as Stanley Strawbridge slowly spirals into madness as he tells harrowing tales from his life in research.

Stuart Higgins – Ever felt like everyone else at work is better than you? Maybe you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome – loads of scientists feel the same.

Matthew Partridge – talking about the little victories of science.

Andy Davison – Andy from ZSL will be exploring animal behaviour and star signs. What would we be like if we acted like our animal?

Lucy Roberts – Ever wondered what the Latin for ‘astounding swimmer with a large penis’ is? Well, wonder no longer..

Sarah Cosgriff – Proud ex-scientist Sarah now works for a London charity. She explains the many stages of quitting her PhD.


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