Books Showoff – 28th February – Waterstones TCR



This February’s basement-dwelling literary comedy night features psychic labradors, DIY wedding planning, and a version of the Berlin Wall’s fall that they definitely didn’t teach you in school. Joining your host Steve Cross in the amazing Waterstones cocktail bar are:

Stephen Thomas – Stephen is getting married any day now. After deciding to organise the whole thing himself, he found that the current selection of books on wedding planning didn’t really match his needs. At Showoff he’ll be pitching his new book: ‘Wedding Planning for Dummies Stephen’.

Elise Bramich – Elise will be delving into the mysterious world of horror writer Dean Koontz’s psychic labradors.

Sarah Elizabeth Cox – a decade or so before a well known 9/11 conspiracy theorist began making up stuff about the US government knocking down the twin towers, he was writing a VERY different sort of fiction…

Michael Agnew considers Phlebas by Ian M Banks, a science fiction novel.

Jess Hindes on the bestselling, paranoid, eighteenth-century author Samuel Richardson.

Ben Dornan – he’s really into book binding

Emily Elias – R Kelly remixed Ignition, was trapped in a closet and eloquently explained how an echo works. Emily’s going to break down more valuable life lessons from the autobiography of this misunderstood artistic genius.


Plus more from Ed Jefferson.

Doors at 7pm, show starts at 7.30.

Tickets are just five quid from the Waterstones website!


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