Science Showoff – 5th April – Star of Kings


(An animal)

We really love animals, and wanted to show you just how great and beautiful and magical they are. So for Showoff on Wednesday 5th April, we’ve booked loads of acts who are really into slug sex, monkey poo, dry little worms, and terrible puns…

Joining Steve Cross in the Star of Kings basement are:

Jamie Upton – Fact: Animals are evil. Dr Jamie Upton will prove this using science.

Suzanne Harvey – Ever wondered how to win at monogamy? It’s all about the gibbon take…

Charlotte Mykura – Slug sex and other unrelated stories

Aimee Eckert – The velvet worm. “Who run the world”? The females of this very cute and very slimy group of invertebrates. Due to risk of drying out, inhabits damp environments only.

Florence Schechter – Florence is a science Youtuber and performer who has a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham because she wanted to do her part for saving the bees which is a pun that works much better spoken.

Catie Williams – The story of why we’re all super organisms, as told by 528 tubes of primate poo.

Maia Elliott – Ladies, are you attracted to men and available for dates? Why not date that great guy friend you enjoy spending time with! Oh, your feelings for him aren’t romantic? What the hell is wrong with you? Absolutely nothing, according to science. The romantic preferences of lady mice are finally providing insights into the molecular mechanisms driving female sexual attraction, and guess what? Evolution doesn’t give a s**t whether you and Barry have great banter.

Liv Neville – Liv from ZSL explores the behaviour of nocturnal animals, through the popular medium of an audience quiz…

Tickets are £6.60 or £8 on the doors. 7pm doors for a 7.30 start.



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