Books Showoff – 23rd March – Waterstones TCR



Join Steve Cross and our line-up of witty book writers, readers and lovers, on the 23rd March in the basement slash cocktail bar of Waterstones, Tottenham Court Road.

Proceedings kick off at 7.30pm but get there early for an amazing cocktail and infamous baked goods.

The night’s performers:

Cerys Bradley – Cerys is a crime fighting PhD student by day and podcaster and stand up comedian also by day. She mostly sleeps at night. At her last Books Showoff, she talked about two-dimensional shapes in Victorian England so clearly has a knack for finding hilarious source material

Helen Armfield – Helen talks on how she overcame stage fright with the application of sudden injury, ice, and no gin

Sean Smith – On the 53rd anniversary of Peter Lorre’s death, mindreader Sean Smith will use ‘The Maltese Falcon’ to try and contact the spirit of detective Miles Archer

Kimberley Freeman – Kimberley is obsessed by plastic jewellery, and obsessively collected it for over ten years. She has amassed a reasonable collection of ‘collectors guides’ and jewellery reference books – all of which she hates

Ian Bowkett – Ian is the author of a book of poetry, the idiot

Julia Bourke –  Julia explains why books were better  when they were handwritten, fake news began with the printing press, and why medieval monks made modern books rectangular

Oli Broadbent – The story of how a small shop in Paris became a block-sized department store, crushing, literally, its rivals and becoming the template for modern flagship stores. As told by Emile Zola.

Plus more from Richard Sandling.



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