Science Showoff – March 29th – The Grain Barge, Bristol

We really love animals, bacteria, and other self-replicating and potentially lethal life forms. To show you just how great they are, we’ve booked loads of acts who are really into the squishiest, screechingest, most squamous bioscience around. Buy tickets now!

Joining your host, science comedian Steve Cross, in The Grain Barge for Bristol’s premier science comedy cabaret are:

Emma Sackville: Emma is a final year PhD student who is desperately seeking any distraction from having to actually complete her thesis. Turns out you can cram chemistry in to most of her hobbies – Harry Potter, Gin, Disney…

Heather Lampard: After launching the Bristol Nature Channel, Heather has researched lots of different subjects and in doing so, stumbled across a bizarre example of when humans have gotten nature fantastically wrong. Heather will be sharing the story of a long forgotten and curious legend from the middle ages.

Brian Mackenwells: Comic books are full of animal themed superheroes and their sidekicks. Brian is going to examine some early examples of the form, so you can join him in wondering what they were thinking .

Alex Lathbridge: Alex mixes science and hip-hop to bring you the funniest factual rhymes about the weirdest bits of biology.
You can mentally prepare yourself for his set by watching his Youtube channel, Rapstract.

Antonia “the Ant” Forster is an insect enthusiast and science communicator. Sharing true stories from her experience at the zoo, she can finally reveal the one phrase that sends every zoologist into a frothy-mouthed rage.

Will Davies: In Defense of The WaspWasps are one of the mainstays of English annoyance, alongside cold weather, hot weather, and people who talk about weather. So if wasps are so bad, how come nature has devised ways of dealing with wasps that will make your skin crawl more than a buzzing behind your ear?
Will can also be found co-presenting the EurekaNerd podcast.

Jennifer Garrett: Could birdwatching save our NHS? Using recent research, personal stories and a touch of poetry, Jen explores the relationship between health, wellbeing and wildlife.
Jennifer co-founded local 18-30s group Bristol Nature Network.

Ross Exton: Ross Exton will be performing a dramatic reading of ‘Carl And The Leopard’: a short story written by Ross and inspired by the true adventures of 19th Century naturalists and the first natural history filmmakers.
You can also study Ross’ behaviour in his natural environment on Youtube.

Tickets are £6.60 or £8 on the door, so buy in advance to save pennies!


Doors open 7pm for a 7.30 start.

Venue: The Grain Barge, Mardyke Wharf, Bristol.

Note:  venue is only accessible through stairs, we’re sorry!

All your ticket money will be given to local charity Bath Welcomes Refugees.

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