Science Showoff – 26th April – the Grain Barge, Bristol

But wasn’t it Science Showoff last month, I hear you cry? A smash-hit, sold out Science Showoff all about biology? Yes, and like biology, it’s replicating out of control.

Because in just under 3 weeks we’re going to DO IT ALL AGAIN.

Did you see people perform and think: I could do that! Sign up here.

Did you see people perform and think: maybe I could do that with sufficient persuasion! Talk to us about it.

Did you attend and want to have all that fun again? Your wish is our command.

Did your friends attend when you didn’t and tell you about what a good time they had? Avoid a repetition. Put it in your diary now!

Have neither you or anyone you know ever been? Change that.

As ever, we’ll be in the Grain Barge, our beautiful, accommodating floating venue, there will be nice chips, good cider, and we’ll be donating all door takings to charity. All kinds of performance from all kinds of people are welcome, as long as it has some connection to science. We have a really supportive audience and it’s a great place to test out material, develop skills, or try things you’ve dreamed of doing.

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