Books Showoff, 27th April, Waterstones TCR



Our regular books-themed spinoff hits Waterstones Tottenham Court Road’s basement cocktail bar on Thursday 27th April. Joining your compere – top comedian and podcaster Iszi Lawrence – are:

Jim Craig – Jim will be talking about Danny Wallace’s annoying book Join Me, an account of how he started a cult by accident. Jim’s slightly obsessed with this book, because as a Church of England priest he’s meant to be the one who ‘collects’ people. So far it’s Jim Craig nil, Danny Wallace thousands.

Keith Kahn-Harris – Keith is a sociologist and an expert on Judaism and heavy metal. He couldn’t decide what to do for Books Showoff, so is attempting nine talks in nine minutes…

Paul Duncan McGarrity – Commercial archaeologist Paul is constantly shocked about the things he’s called upon to care about. He’ll be discussing the odd topics that a career in archaeology has led him to and the niche interest books which saved him from embarrassment.

Anne Welsh – Why do we have a specific ‘self-help’ genre of books offering us advice? Aren’t ALL books a form of self-help?

Frank Norman – The library collections of specialist institutions are a representation of the intellectual activity of that institution, or ‘intellectual encrustations’. Frank has been librarian of a medical research institute for many years and is still mourning the recent loss of an impressive collection.

Liam Hogan – London-based writer Liam Hogan will be picking apart the economics of short story writing, using his recently published collection as an example. Trigger Alert: may cause authors in the audience to weep bitter tears

Kyle Evans – Musical mathematician extraordinaire Kyle Evans is almost definitely going to sing you a song.

Lauren Holmes – Why Love Matters. No, not the romantic love that we see in the movies, but the essential love that shapes babies, toddlers and young people. Lauren will be drawing on her experiences in schools to highlight importance of what psychoanalytic psychotherapist Sue Gerhardt tells us about the importance of the first few years of a child’s life.

Tickets on sale (just £5) from the Waterstones website

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