Books Showoff – Waterstones TCR – 24th May



Books Showoff is the first and best London comedy cabaret by and for lovers of literature, be they librarian, collector, academic, reader, writer, binder, sniffer, comedian, futuristic drag poet, guitar-strumming maths teacher, over-enthusiastic fan of terrible ‘80s erotic fiction, or blue-haired scientist in a badger mask.

Yeah, the last few shows have got pretty weird…

Joining compere Steve Cross in the Waterstones Tottenham Court Road basement cocktail bar on Wednesday 24 May are:

Shiraz Engineer – the English Speaking Union’s Shiraz Engineer used to work at the Book Trust literacy charity, re-reading kids’ books over and over for a living. She’ll be introducing us to Robert Swindalls, the author who first sparked her reading obsession.

Beverley Glick – As a writer and editor Beverley has had a long career in journalism. Unfortunately she realised – too late – that this was not an adequate qualification for a task she was set in 2008: to write a chick-lit porno called Confessions of a Lap Dancer…

Rosie Clarke from Culture 24 will introduce us to the unbelievably determined writer and architectural historian, Nikolaus Pevsner, who came to the UK as a refugee and committed himself to an extraordinary lifelong labour researching and publishing the Buildings of England series. But how does this tie in with Rosie’s dad’s choice of anorak?

Rachel Wheeley – Rachel will be celebrating ‘towel day’ a day early. On May 25th, fans of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy carry a towel as a tribute to the late, great Douglas Adams. Find out why H2G2 should be your sacred text.

Helen Lippell and Simon Koppel – 15 years of combined book buying has resulted in a valiant storage battle to ensure Helen and Simon’s collection is shelved, instead of balanced precariously in teetering piles around the house…

Rev. Kate Harford – Kate is the Ecumenical Chaplain at Oxford Brookes University. She’ll be  sharing some thoughts on How to Win Friends and Execute People (or, Things You Never Knew the Bible Could Teach You).

Claire Cheong – In ‘Look Who’s Back’, Timur Vermes wrote about a hypothetical scenario with the infamous Führer being back in town in today’s world. No need to look into the hypothetical world. Just look around. He already is.

Lyra Francis – Lyrá Francis (party girl, bar wench, possibly allergic to crab) hasn’t written a book – but she has ripped off several bestsellers online. Yes, it’s fanfiction and yes, it’s just as embarrassing as it sounds.

Get tickets (£7) from the Waterstones website


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