Books Showoff – Waterstones Tottenham Court Road – Tuesday 27 June


Would you like an evening’s chill in London’s coolest bookshop? With its amazing cocktail bar? And cake? And loads of books you can buy, high on booze and sugar and life?

We’re putting nine hilarious, lovely, speakers in aforementioned bookshop too, to make it EVEN BETTER.

Here, get one of these tickets: just seven quid from the Waterstones website

Joining your host Steve Cross are:

Mark Dilworth spent 20 years in investment banking then discovered the horrors of the London open mic circuit – which is still an improvement. He’ll be dissing his least favourite book, Silas Marner

Kate Devlin, a computing lecturer and internationally renowned sex robot boffin, explains why Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books are simultaneously compelling and really really annoying

Scientist Oz Ismail on why the Little Mermaid and Pinocchio are definitely not stories for kids

Zoe Cunningham shares secrets from her new book ‘An Actor’s Life For Me?’ Are you an actor, only in disguise? What is an actor anyway?

Geeky stand-up Haran X has performed on BBC Radio 4 Extra. He also co-produces the Faking Lit podcast, where comedians review books they’ve pretended to have read

Comedian Lucy Roper is the daughter of a librarian and an English Literature graduate, and would qualify to speak at Books Showoff on that alone. But she’s also hilarious, performing recently at Edinburgh Fringe and the Leicester Comedy festival among other shows.

Julie Albrecht is a journalist and a bookhoarder with two literature degrees to prove it. She’ll be talking about what books to read if you want more room on public transport.

Plus more from Ali Mozaffari.


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