Science Showoff/Agony Auncles Fringe preview + fundraiser, Star of Kings, London – Weds 19 July

Dear Agony Auncles,

I have a whole range of issues to deal with, from personal relationships to work and politics, and from practical household chores all the way to angst about the meaning of life. Is there any way I can get truly scientific (if somewhat inadvisably applied) advice from actual real scientists? Can I ask them questions of my own, live on stage?

Yours Hopefully



A brilliant group of scientists and science communicators are raising funds to hit the Edinburgh Fringe this year with a show where they answer audience-submitted agony auncle-style questions using proper expert science knowledge and some very silly comedy.

To help them get there they’re performing a London preview to showoff not just their show but some excellent science comedy from other amazing acts (names to come!) to boot.

Ticket sales, and any donations on the night, will be put towards travel and accomodation at the Fringe.

Join us at the Star of Kings (near Kings Cross, London) on Weds 19 July. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.


Ps. Can’t make it? UGH :[ But if you like the sound of this project, we’d love it if you contributed via Indiegogo


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