Books Showoff – Weds 27th September – Waterstones TCR


(Image: A pretty typical scene from Books Showoff)

After a nice summer break spent reading about 1% of the books we’ve bought after too many Old Fashioneds at Books Showoff this year, the first and best London comedy cabaret by and for lovers of literature returns on Wednesday 27th September.


Joining your host Steve Cross in the beautiful Waterstones Tottenham Court Road cocktail bar basement:

Mirri Hengeveld discusses a controversial Victorian sex education manual and its even more controversial appendix

Renae Crossing, who may or may not be talking about Little Miss Fickle

Ed Jefferson introduces us to The Complete Literary Works of Mr Blobby

Jason Webber, from the web archiving department at The British Library, explains how books have impacted (for better or worse) the historical UK web. What is the most quoted Shakespeare Line? Who is more popular, Frankenstein or Dracula? Has E.L. James increased the amount of S&M talk?

Lauren Holmes on ‘Historias de España’, and how reading can not only open up new worlds but also new skills, such as learning a new language. It can be hard, often embarrassing, and unless you are bilingual you’ll almost never be become fluent… but it is fun, rewarding, and infinitely useful!

Plus more from Anna Ploszajski, Angus Dunican and Alina Paduraru.

Line-up subject to change.

Tickets on sale from the Waterstones website – £7

Can’t make September’s Books Showoff? We’ll be back at Waterstones on 25th October and 23rd November 2017.

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