A Night of Physics and Fun with Dr Jessamyn Fairfield



Join us for a night of science and comedy to celebrate Dr Jessamyn Fairfield.

Jessamyn is Ireland’s face of physics, and will be in London to pick up the Mary Somerville Medal from the Institute of Physics for her public work.

So the Institute and Science Showoff have put together a night of physics fun with some of the best science performers in the UK.

All ticket money will be donated to local charity Women at the Well.

Any tickets not sold in advance will be available on the door for £10. BOOK NOW!


Steve Cross, comedian and player of games. Your MC and star of dungeons and dragons podcast Chaotic Adequate.

Fran Day is a theoretical physicist and a comedian. She will ask what theoretical physicists do all day, and whether or not there is any point to it.

Dr Sadie Jones AKA She Of The Astro Biological Sword (SOTABS)– Life after an Astrophysics PhD: my experiences being an ‘almost’ academic and a ‘kind-of’ science teacher. It really is tough being an astrowarrior in the real world, even when you wield a sword.

Alfredo Carpineti – People have the expectation that science is done by white men in tweed jackets with messy hair and messy desks, but Alfredo is here to demonstrate how pop stars have been secretly teaching science from the stage.

Hannah Fry – Mr Markov and his marvellous monopoly tactics.

Scary Boots will be channeling Professor Dique-Mahn (FFS CBA) who will share what he, and other great men of science, already know: why there are no wimmin in science.

Plus Jessamyn Fairfield and Yolanda Ohene


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