Science Showoff – new acts night! Tues 16 January, Star of Kings, London


With a new year comes a new line-up of TOTALLY NEW Science Showoff acts, never seen before on our Star of Kings stage.

Get tickets now, discover the next generation of scicomm superstars, and help raise money for Rethink Mental Illness.

Joining your host Steve Cross at the Star of Kings, York Way, London, on Tuesday 16th January, are:

Julia Galbenu, an environmental science warrior fighting for our planet: from teaching to vlogging, writing and presenting, she’s determined to do all she can to get the message out there

Sarah Leach talking about how to use monsters to find new species

Jason Davison, mathematical magician, performing mathematical magic

Helen Betham on weird animal mating rituals

Samuel Bestall discusses the less than glamorous realities of life after gastric band surgery

Carmen D’Cruz – co-host and organiser of London Skeptics in the Pub since 2009, an award winning monthly series of interesting talks promoting critical thinking… in a pub

Ness Carson on why we make amino acids in the lab that can’t be found in nature

Plus more from Donna Ward


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