Science Showoff – Tuesday 20 February – Star of Kings


In what Science (ok, fine, a Buzzfeed list) overwhelmingly concludes is the world’s crappest month, we’re bringing you not one, not two, but THREE WHOLE SHOWOFFS to lighten the mood this February.

You’ll find us at the Star of Kings on Weds 7 Feb with a Science Showoff Talent Factory line-up, at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road on Tues 27 Feb for our Books Showoff Lord of the Rings special, and then back at the Star of Kings on Tues 20 Feb are…

Dr Sheila Kanani – the education, outreach and diversity officer at the Royal ASStronomical Society will spend her nine minutes telling you why your butt is better than a gas giant

Dr Faz Alam, talking about the food that hurts us and why we love to eat it

UCL PhD candidate and brain-basis-of-stammering-expert Naheem Bashir, speaking about his experience of living with stammering

Charvy Narain on interesting ways of finding people to take part in your experiments on pain and fear

Anthropologist Lorit Dror, who choses to study human behaviour as she is consistently confused by it. For nine minutes she’ll rant about the supposed differences between men and women that really stump her

Edd Bankes is a PhD student exploring the relationship between comedy and science communication in the hope it will make him funny. His research is currently focused on how the sociology of science can be best used to win arguments with his dad

Plus more from Anna Cupani, and our guest MCs Sarah Jones and Oz Ismail




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