A Very European Science Showoff – Tuesday 20 March – Star of Kings


Hola! On Tuesday 20 March your favourite chaotic open-mic-style night for scientists, science communicators, and anyone else with something to show off about science will be here, in London, with a line-up entirely consisting of EU nationals based in the UK.

Let’s celebrate why they and the science they make are extremely good things.

GET TICKETS (£6.60 / €7.40-ish!)

Joining compere Steve Cross are:

Eva Amsen: Hundreds of scientists have used the phrase “of mice and men” in the title of their journal article, so Eva turned some of those titles into a poem

QMUL’s Dominik Schmid, talking about animal sex

Alina Paduraru from Imperial explaining why we can’t be together, I’m sorry… It’s not you, it’s your adaptive immune system

Irene Robles Rebollo, a PhD student from the London Institute of Medical Sciences, with ‘To express or not to express: A cell’s dilemma’

Brian Mackenwells, who flew over from Ireland to talk to people about science almost ten years ago and since he now mostly helps the people who do the science to do the talking instead of him, he’ll take any chance he gets to get back to the talking

Dutch national Maia recently left her PhD in pursuit of a more rewarding and meaningful existence: convincing UK politicians to listen to The Science. Come see her use comedy as a crutch – because if she doesn’t laugh, she’ll cry

Carole Kenrick with the story of what Carole the scientist and Emily the poet learnt when they had to create a science/poetry performance in a very short space of time

Tickets are on sale here, with all proceeds going to charity


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