Science Showoff – Wednesday 4th April – Star of Kings


What do you mean six Showoffs in three weeks is too much showing off? We reject this hypothesis. More science! More comedy! More Star of Kings basement! More brilliant, smart, hilarious people raising a ton of money for charity!


Joining compere Steve Cross on Wednesday 4th April are:

Sarah Bell from UCL, who has been trying to figure out how to be a feminist engineer for at least 25 years. It’s bewildering. She’ll be talking about her own misadventures and the problem with lipstick

Imperial College’s Alina Paduraru doing something super cool&awesome&bae about the immune system #PhDGoals

Nathan Green, also from Imperial, talking about Ronald Fisher and Karl Pearson, two godfathers of statistics who hated each other

Peter Kelly has been a pharmacist for ten years and also runs healthy living campaigns in schools. He’ll be making us laugh while informing us about living our best healthy life

Why do charities want to make us cry? Bhavani Esapathi will take us through her journey of living with four autoimmune diseases and all the socially uncomfortable moments she’s experienced that led to founding of The Invisible Labs which, let’s just say is designed to bring all that’s socially inappropriate about chronic diseases into the mainstream framework of our minds.

Plus more from Steven Lee



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