Never Explain (the worst-behaved science comedy panel show) – Thursday 12th April



Never Explain is a new science comedy panel show podcast from Steve Cross. It’s science made hilarious, awkward and weird, where the right answer gets you no friends and making jokes at each other’s expense is the key to being a winner.

Join us at The Harrison Gastro Pub & Hotel in London on Thursday 12th April for two shows as the cream of the Science Showoff Talent Factory take on the rest of the world to find out who can say the funniest things, and stir the most sh*t, while never really getting to the real science.

In game one Aimee Eckert (glamorous star of Dr Jiggs Bowson’s Charming Science Friends) and Matt Hutchinson (curator and compere of Mixtape At The Albany) take on Fran Day (physics comedian) and Faz Alam (the world’s funniest detective of medical fraud).

In game two Mike Conterio (host of The Variables Presents in Cambridge) and Hannah Thompson (winner of numerous science communication competitions) go head to head with an all-Nottingham team made up of Shalaka Kurup and Kath Thomas (both veterans of Bright Club and Science Showoff).

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start


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