Tuesday 22 May – Science Showoff – Star of Kings, London



This month we’re at the Star of Kings with an awesome line-up of sci-comm students. Joining your host Steve Cross are:

UCL Cognitive Neuroscience research student Jak Maloret on why we get Goosebumps, and why he’s not going to say what you expect

Joy Aston from Imperial College on how chemistry really doesn’t seem to run in the family

Izzy Sturt and Shivani Dave – both studying at Imperial College – take a look at new medical and ‘wellness’ discoveries

Oxford PhD candidate Kevin Baker asks: what’s the point of doing History of Science? Science is all about keeping the ideas that work and throwing out the ones that don’t, so why would we bother studying the old, wrong, theories? Kevin will explain what Historians of Science do, and try convince you – and himself – that his PhD isn’t a complete waste of time

Imperial’s Patrick Walsh presents his problems with science communication: a particularly uninspiring critique of science communication from a person whose opinion doesn’t matter.

Sarah Leach (also Imperial College) on the things she’s learned from answering strange visitor questions while working at a natural history museum

Henry Bennie from the National Physical Laboratory and Imperial College London: From May 20th 2019 every quantifiable measurement will change forever and almost no one will notice. Prepare yourselves for uncertainty

Plus more from Sarah Jones

GET TICKETS NOW – £6.60 – all proceeds to charity


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