Wednesday 6 June – Science Showoff – Star of Kings, London



Join us on the 6th June for our LAST ‘open sign-up’ night. We’ll be shaking things up a bit later in the year – more to be revealed in the Autumn.

Our amazing line-up, compered by Steve Cross at the Star of Kings:

Rohin Francis – Imagine a talk by Alice Roberts and Kevin Fong, although with a quarter of their intelligence, an eighth of their good looks and a space station’s worth more swearing, as Rohin explains the challenges of growing babies in space.

Louise Arnal from the University of Reading and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts explains the science and art of predicting floods.

Journalist, filmmaker, and co-presenter of the Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet? podcast, Suhail Patel, explores relationships and “dating science”… namely, why he’s shit at them, and how science can help him understand why.

Cam Watson, who’s determined to figure out why exactly he decided to do a PhD, and he’s willing to go back a long way to do it.

Charvy Narain with the perils and pitfalls of experimenting on babies.

Ellie Welch from the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of Manchester talking about science activists in the 1970s, and wondering why we’re having the same conversations about women in science nearly 40 years on

Parasite lover and glitter aficionado Paolo Arru is a microbiologist turned science communicator who will probably use his nine minutes to make jokes unsuitable for (any) adults.

The University of Kent’s Adriana Lowe on chimpanzee sex, testicles and murder.

Plus more from Ali Mozaffari

All proceeds go to charity. Book now!


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