Science Showoff Presents They Fun You Up – a new night of comedy about parenting


We’ve all been kids. We’ve all met kids. Some of us have even got kids.

Join us for a special night in which comedians confess their parenting failures and share the joy and nonsense that having to look after children has brought into their lives.

Hosted by Science Showoff’s Steve Cross, who has suddenly acquired two tiny children from somewhere and wants other comedians to tell him how not to make a terrible mess of it all.

And starring:

James Ross (Quantum Leopard Comedy)
Esther Manito
Nicola Houghton
Jenny Laville

James Ross is legally responsible for another human's life
James Ross is legally responsible for another human’s life

The show is in the basement of the Harrison near King’s Cross on the evening of Thursday 28th February, starting at 1930. There will be two halves and an intermission. Tickets are £7 plus booking fee in advance or £10 on the door.


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