Science Showoff March on sale AND April performer signup

Join Science Showoff, the silliest and best science show on Earth, for a night of laughing and learning from eight new faces who’ve never showed off before.

The show is at the Star of Kings near King’s Cross in London on March 17th. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts promptly at 7.30.

Tickets cost £7 plus a small booking fee. If we don’t sell out in advance tickets on the door will be £10 each. All your ticket money will go to Breast Cancer Now to support research, support, advice and advocacy.

Tonight you’ll see our MC Steve Cross , the world’s premier trainer of science comedy talent, and this incredible lineup:

Siân Culley – If microscopes weren’t a laughing matter before, they certainly won’t be after this

Praveen Gopalan – Praveen is not a geneticist, nor is he a genius, but he spends time he doesn’t have trying to understand the delights of animals and plants, and how we interact with them.

Cathy Moore – Hookworm: the woke parasite

Alex Perry – Britain’s slowest scientist: Lab life with dyspraxia

Sam McKay – How to Beat a Flat Earther in an Argument

Bea Costa Gomes – Bea is a PhD student studying brain diseases by debugging one computer program at a time, self-proclaimed pun-isher and generally terrible, but oddly funny.

Leila Fouda – Leila Fouda is a 3rd Year PhD Student, experienced turtle wrangler, wannabe ballerina, and sometimes improv-er!

Linda van Keimpema – I will shed light on how a jellyfish-based technique has enabled me to study the brain.

Steve Cross on stage

While you’re here, would you like to perform with us on April 15th you can let us know by ticking a box and leaving your email address here. We welcome science presentations, demos, comedy, music, interpretive dance or whatever you’ve got as long as it’s about science.

We only ask that you have never done Showoff before if you signup for this show.

This gig is perfect if you’re a scientist eager to get out more, a science teacher who wants to have an audience of adults for once, a science fan who wants to try a stage out for the first time, a musician or comedian with some experimental science material to try out or ANYONE AT ALL WHO LIKES FUN AND SCIENCE.

Signing up here doesn’t guarantee a slot. Signup order is not running order. We reserve the right to refuse performers or topics.