SCIENCE SHOWOFF PRESENTS… Conceptual mind f**kery. Online. 3rd Nov. 8pm.


I wonder what is the absolute limit of Zoom comedy? Swearing puppets? Flashing lights sending messages in Morse Code? Throwing your webcam off a cliff while laughing maniacally?

We just don’t know. But with the help of the pent-up creativity of the weirdest people we know we’re going to find out.

Honestly, if your idea of comedy is some puns and some comforting jokes about dogs and cats this probably isn’t for you.

With Eiffelover, Ted Hill, Michael Brunström, Shirley Halse, Keith Kahn-Harris and Cerys Bradley.

Hosted by troubled shed comedian Steve Cross off of Science Showoff.

This gig is pay-what-you-can. We’re aware that some people are still earning their normal wage whereas some have no income at all. Please pay what you can accordingly. Your ticket money will go to the people performing who’ve lost their income during the lockdown.

The gig will be made available to to ticket holders via a live stream from all of the performers’ houses. Ticket holders will be emailed details of the stream on the day of the show.