MASTERPIECE BOOKSHELF: The FInal Reckoning. April 20th 7pm


Gregory Akerman (from Chaotic Adequate) is finally moving to the USA. But what has he got himself into?

Steve Cross and Gregory Akerman recorded a year of books-based podcasts before they started the internationally-renowned Dungeons and Dragons podcast CHAOTIC ADEQUATE. Every week Greg read a great book from history (including Wuthering Heights, Beowulf, The Metamorphosis and the Bible) and tried to convince Steve to do the same. He never succeeded.

Tonight the text they’re studying is the US Constitution and its Amendments, so that Greg can work out how his new life in the USA is going to go. Let’s be honest, he’s going to get shot.

There will be guest appearances from stars of all the shows they’ve done in the past, the usual revelations about Greg’s painfully awkward childhood, serious parenting advice, lots of laughs and a heavy drinking in lieu of feelings.

The gig is in the basement of The Harrison near Kings Cross on Weds 20th April at 7pm.

Tickets are £8 plus booking fee and all your money will go towards buying Greg’s stepdaughter a really cool present that he couldn’t possibly afford to show that he’s a crap stepdad compared to an audience of comedy fans.