Science Showoff Brain Special – 1st March – Star of Kings


Why not join us at The Star of Kings, York Way, on Wednesday 1st March to hear some the brainiest folk we know talk about brains, to raise money for brains? It’s a… uh… no-brainer.

Taking to the stage to raise money for Headway Bristol – a top charity helping surivivors of brain injury live independently – are:

Sadie Harrison (UCL STS)
Dr Martin Austwick (CASA UCL)
Adam Tate (Fahr Beyond founder)

Dr Carina Fearnley (UCL STS)

And loads more.

Tickets are £6.60 in advance or £8 on the door.


British Science Week Goldsmiths Showoff Special – 15th March


(^^ “Goldsmiths is one of the best known universities in the world for art and design” – Sarah Cox, former Goldsmiths press officer)

Join us at the Amersham Arms (New Cross, South London) on Wednesday 15 March for a Goldsmiths, University of London Showoff special featuring serial killers, Brad Pitt, and a high-tech smart glove.


The line-up:

Mark d’Inverno (Computing) on ‘Why machines can never be creative – the history and future of creativity’

Caoimhe McAnena (Psychology) on the psychology of the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’

Ashok Jansari (Psychology) asks ‘What’s the difference between Brad Pitt and a Super-cop?’

Hadeel Ayoub (Computing) Let’s have a talk…Glove to Glove

Robert Chapman (Psychology) on why ‘Science Reporting isn’t funny’

Sarah Wiseman (Computing) on ‘People are WEIRD – Why we shouldn’t experiment on students’


Doors 6:30pm for 7pm start.

Part of British Science Week.

Line-up subject to change.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to CARA, the Centre for At-Risk Academics.

Science Showoff – 21st February – Star of Kings



We’ve managed to squeeze the most Science Showoffs in one month into the shortest one of the months. Because Science.

On the line-up at the Star of Kings, 126 York Way (near Kings Cross) are:

Rachel New is Research Coordinator for the Oxford Centre for the Study of Intergroup Conflict in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. She’s also a dating coach. Audience participation may be required for her set on the psychology of dating!

Poly Chromatik – Nature is fierce. Nature is shiny. Nature is fabulous. Poly Chromatik will be breaking down the Physics of Fabulousness, serving examples of eye-popping optics from birds, bees, butterflies, and gibbon bollocks. There may be hand actions.

Alice Bell explains how scientific procrastination helped us discover global warming was happening.

Jamie Upton – Jamie is a molecular biologist hunting for the chemicals that guide our behaviour; or lack of it. In the wretched wake of Valentine’s Day, he talks us through the biochemistry of lust.

Michael Conterio – From science fiction to our homes, lasers are everywhere – but how do we appreciate their awesomeness without unfortunate accidents? Michael Conterio takes a careful look at laser safety.

Virginia Schutte talks about science words and her brain.

Sarah Jones – Sarah is a geomicrobiology PhD student who’s just realised that absolutely nobody cares about her research.

Plus more from  Maia Elliott.

Tickets are £6.60 in advance or £8 on the door, with everything we raise going to Young Roots, a charity helping young refugees reach their potential.



Books Showoff – 28th February – Waterstones TCR



This February’s basement-dwelling literary comedy night features psychic labradors, DIY wedding planning, and a version of the Berlin Wall’s fall that they definitely didn’t teach you in school. Joining your host Steve Cross in the amazing Waterstones cocktail bar are:

Stephen Thomas – Stephen is getting married any day now. After deciding to organise the whole thing himself, he found that the current selection of books on wedding planning didn’t really match his needs. At Showoff he’ll be pitching his new book: ‘Wedding Planning for Dummies Stephen’.

Elise Bramich – Elise will be delving into the mysterious world of horror writer Dean Koontz’s psychic labradors.

Sarah Elizabeth Cox – a decade or so before a well known 9/11 conspiracy theorist began making up stuff about the US government knocking down the twin towers, he was writing a VERY different sort of fiction…

Michael Agnew considers Phlebas by Ian M Banks, a science fiction novel.

Jess Hindes on the bestselling, paranoid, eighteenth-century author Samuel Richardson.

Ben Dornan – he’s really into book binding

Emily Elias – R Kelly remixed Ignition, was trapped in a closet and eloquently explained how an echo works. Emily’s going to break down more valuable life lessons from the autobiography of this misunderstood artistic genius.


Plus more from Ed Jefferson.

Doors at 7pm, show starts at 7.30.

Tickets are just five quid from the Waterstones website!


Science Showoff – 1st February – Star of Kings


February has absolutely no redeeming qualities and is best spent sat in a basement with a pint or several, and a large group of top funny science people to cheer you up.

Get £6 tickets now (£8 on the door) and raise cash for Rare Dementia Support

Joining your host Steve Cross on the Star of Kings stage for the first Science Showoff of 2017 are:

Harriet Bedell-Pearce – Harriet is a doctor, presenter, and part of @HippocraTV on YouTube. She’s a scicomm specialist in medicine and surgery in film, TV and pop-culture.

Stanley Strawbridge – Disenfranchised, bitter, and self-loathing; the hallmarks of every great scientist. Watch as Stanley Strawbridge slowly spirals into madness as he tells harrowing tales from his life in research.

Stuart Higgins – Ever felt like everyone else at work is better than you? Maybe you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome – loads of scientists feel the same.

Matthew Partridge – talking about the little victories of science.

Andy Davison – Andy from ZSL will be exploring animal behaviour and star signs. What would we be like if we acted like our animal?

Lucy Roberts – Ever wondered what the Latin for ‘astounding swimmer with a large penis’ is? Well, wonder no longer..

Sarah Cosgriff – Proud ex-scientist Sarah now works for a London charity. She explains the many stages of quitting her PhD.


Books Showoff – 24 January – Waterstones TCR

Hurrah! London’s top humorous-literary-themed-open-mic-style-night-in-a-boozy-bookshop-basement was so successful in 2016 that we’ve been invited back for more by the lovely people at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road.



Kicking off 2017 on January 2014 with a night of rapid-fire nine minute talks on Nazis, rabies, sex with trees, and probably something about books at some point, are:

Iszi Lawrence – history presenter, comedian and host of the British Museum Membercast and Z List Dead List Podcast, Iszi is likely to talk about the great literary topics of cults and sex with trees. Although, anything might crop up.

Amanda DiGioia – UCL PhD student Amanda tells us about rabies, the most diabolical of all viruses.

Kerry Lambeth is presenting on actor, director and writer Leslie Howard and how starring in sexy book adaptations led directly to smashing the Nazis.

Michael Conterio is a physicist who enjoys getting away from all that through immersing himself in worlds of magic, adventure, and characters facing intractable questions about society and ethics. And X-wings.

Aimee Eckert – Whether you yearn for the etiquette rules of the past or revel in the more liberal take on social graces today; Amy’s found much to be horrified by and laugh at in a 19th century manners guide.

Becky Littlechilds talks medieval marginalia

Ed Jefferson is an expert in useless crap. He’s read at least one book, which he’s going to attempt to tell us about.

Plus more from Ali Mozaffari, and your host Steve Cross.

Get tickets from the Waterstones website for just £5

Specimen Showoff, 5th December, Barts Pathology Museum


On Monday 5th December, one of the World’s Top 10 Weirdest Medical Museums is holding the first ever Specimen Showoff. It’s sort of like Science Showoff, but with loads of really really terrifying things in jars.

Our aim is to engage the public with medical specimens (wet or dry, human or artificial). Speakers have nine minutes each to talk about their favourite specimen at Barts or another medical museum they’ve visited or worked at.

Joining your host Steve Cross are:

Sarah Elizabeth Cox (ex-QMUL Press Officer, failing playwright) – “I am Murdered!” – The Skull of John Bellingham

Carla Valentine (Technical Curator, Barts Pathology Museum, QMUL) – “It’s What’s Inside that Counts” – ‘Foreign Objects’ inserted into orifices

Steve Moore (QMUL Learning Resources and Facilities Manager) – “Hunter VS Potts” – The Curious Story of Barts’ Oldest Specimen, the Hernia (1750)

Subhadra Das (Curator of the Galton and Pathology Collections, UCL) – Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix specimen. The story of Henrietta Lacks – the, until recently, unknown black American woman whose cell line has been fundamental to medical science since the 1950s.

Plus more to be announced.

GET TICKETS – £10, includes wine and nibbles


(^^ just remembered that time @spookyjulie brought a bomb and an assassin to the RI)