Science Showoff curated by FameLab winner Alex Lathbridge – May 3rd and 16th – Star of Kings

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Enjoy laughing and learning and drinking in basements? Want to see biochemistry PhD, rapper, FameLab 2017 winner, and Science Showoff Talent Factory hero, Alex Lathbridge deflect heckles with more grace than any political candidate pre-June 8th?

He’s curated a line-up of top hilarious and genius talent for two Showoffs this May in the Star of Kings basement, York Way, Kings Cross.

Here’s who to expect on Wednesday 3rd May (GET TICKETS):

Tiv Balendra, Will Other, Oz Ismail, Charvy Narain, Subhadra Das, Matthew Hutchinson, and Faz Alam.

And on Tuesday 16th May (GET TICKETS):

Maneesh Kuruvilla, Haran X, Sarah Cosgriff, Fatumina S. Abukar, Dan Hdidouan, Jamal Kinsella, Mike Sulu, and more.



Books Showoff, 27th April, Waterstones TCR



Our regular books-themed spinoff hits Waterstones Tottenham Court Road’s basement cocktail bar on Thursday 27th April. Joining your compere – top comedian and podcaster Iszi Lawrence – are:

Jim Craig – Jim will be talking about Danny Wallace’s annoying book Join Me, an account of how he started a cult by accident. Jim’s slightly obsessed with this book, because as a Church of England priest he’s meant to be the one who ‘collects’ people. So far it’s Jim Craig nil, Danny Wallace thousands.

Keith Kahn-Harris – Keith is a sociologist and an expert on Judaism and heavy metal. He couldn’t decide what to do for Books Showoff, so is attempting nine talks in nine minutes…

Paul Duncan McGarrity – Commercial archaeologist Paul is constantly shocked about the things he’s called upon to care about. He’ll be discussing the odd topics that a career in archaeology has led him to and the niche interest books which saved him from embarrassment.

Anne Welsh – Why do we have a specific ‘self-help’ genre of books offering us advice? Aren’t ALL books a form of self-help?

Frank Norman – The library collections of specialist institutions are a representation of the intellectual activity of that institution, or ‘intellectual encrustations’. Frank has been librarian of a medical research institute for many years and is still mourning the recent loss of an impressive collection.

Liam Hogan – London-based writer Liam Hogan will be picking apart the economics of short story writing, using his recently published collection as an example. Trigger Alert: may cause authors in the audience to weep bitter tears

Kyle Evans – Musical mathematician extraordinaire Kyle Evans is almost definitely going to sing you a song.

Lauren Holmes – Why Love Matters. No, not the romantic love that we see in the movies, but the essential love that shapes babies, toddlers and young people. Lauren will be drawing on her experiences in schools to highlight importance of what psychoanalytic psychotherapist Sue Gerhardt tells us about the importance of the first few years of a child’s life.

Tickets on sale (just £5) from the Waterstones website

Science Showoff QMUL special – 18th April – Star of Kings


(A picture of where some of the QMUL science usually lives)

Our Science Showoff line-up on Tuesday 18 April features top talent from Queen Mary University of London, raising funds for the beautiful Limehouse Town Hall – an unfunded and volunteer-run hub of awesome creative and cultural activities in east London. Book tickets now!

Joining your compere Steve Cross:

Mayank Shreshtha is a PhD student in QMUL’s applied maths division, an improviser and stand-up comic. He’ll be talking about random processes and why nature hesitates to run in reverse.

Heather Fitzke will take you on a journey through taste and chyme. Join this lapsed anthropologist on an alimentary adventure trying to find out what happens to food and to us, once it has disappeared past the tongue and teeth and into the mysterious world of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Zoe Adams is a linguistics PhD student who’s on a mission to fight tooth decay with accents. She’ll be talking about imposter syndrome in the world of the PhD.

David Mills x–rays his lunch and other stuff from his lab on a regular basis.

Hannah Thompson will talk about being a PhD student investigating the link between type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer. She hates cells.

Alex Jenkin can usually be found trying to make children laugh in Centre of the Cell’s science shows but will be trying her hand with an adult audience. She’ll be talking through some of the best, most awkward and downright weird moments she’s experienced as a presenter.

Plus more from Ben Scott.

We’ll be at the Star of Kings, York Way, Kings Cross. Doors 7pm for a 7.30 start.


Books Showoff – 23rd March – Waterstones TCR



Join Steve Cross and our line-up of witty book writers, readers and lovers, on the 23rd March in the basement slash cocktail bar of Waterstones, Tottenham Court Road.

Proceedings kick off at 7.30pm but get there early for an amazing cocktail and infamous baked goods.

The night’s performers:

Cerys Bradley – Cerys is a crime fighting PhD student by day and podcaster and stand up comedian also by day. She mostly sleeps at night. At her last Books Showoff, she talked about two-dimensional shapes in Victorian England so clearly has a knack for finding hilarious source material

Helen Armfield – Helen talks on how she overcame stage fright with the application of sudden injury, ice, and no gin

Sean Smith – On the 53rd anniversary of Peter Lorre’s death, mindreader Sean Smith will use ‘The Maltese Falcon’ to try and contact the spirit of detective Miles Archer

Kimberley Freeman – Kimberley is obsessed by plastic jewellery, and obsessively collected it for over ten years. She has amassed a reasonable collection of ‘collectors guides’ and jewellery reference books – all of which she hates

Ian Bowkett – Ian is the author of a book of poetry, the idiot

Julia Bourke –  Julia explains why books were better  when they were handwritten, fake news began with the printing press, and why medieval monks made modern books rectangular

Oli Broadbent – The story of how a small shop in Paris became a block-sized department store, crushing, literally, its rivals and becoming the template for modern flagship stores. As told by Emile Zola.

Plus more from Richard Sandling.


Science Showoff – 5th April – Star of Kings


(An animal)

We really love animals, and wanted to show you just how great and beautiful and magical they are. So for Showoff on Wednesday 5th April, we’ve booked loads of acts who are really into slug sex, monkey poo, dry little worms, and terrible puns…

Joining Steve Cross in the Star of Kings basement are:

Jamie Upton – Fact: Animals are evil. Dr Jamie Upton will prove this using science.

Suzanne Harvey – Ever wondered how to win at monogamy? It’s all about the gibbon take…

Charlotte Mykura – Slug sex and other unrelated stories

Aimee Eckert – The velvet worm. “Who run the world”? The females of this very cute and very slimy group of invertebrates. Due to risk of drying out, inhabits damp environments only.

Florence Schechter – Florence is a science Youtuber and performer who has a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham because she wanted to do her part for saving the bees which is a pun that works much better spoken.

Catie Williams – The story of why we’re all super organisms, as told by 528 tubes of primate poo.

Maia Elliott – Ladies, are you attracted to men and available for dates? Why not date that great guy friend you enjoy spending time with! Oh, your feelings for him aren’t romantic? What the hell is wrong with you? Absolutely nothing, according to science. The romantic preferences of lady mice are finally providing insights into the molecular mechanisms driving female sexual attraction, and guess what? Evolution doesn’t give a s**t whether you and Barry have great banter.

Liv Neville – Liv from ZSL explores the behaviour of nocturnal animals, through the popular medium of an audience quiz…

Tickets are £6.60 or £8 on the doors. 7pm doors for a 7.30 start.


Science Showoff Brain Special – 1st March – Star of Kings


Why not join us at The Star of Kings, York Way, on Wednesday 1st March to hear some the brainiest folk we know talk about brains, to raise money for brains? It’s a… uh… no-brainer.

Taking to the stage to raise money for Headway Bristol – a top charity helping surivivors of brain injury live independently – are:

Dr Brenna Hassett

Sarah Snell-Pym

Sadie Harrison (UCL STS)

Dr Martin Austwick (CASA UCL)

Adam Tate (Fahr Beyond founder)

Dr Carina Fearnley (UCL STS)

And loads more.

Tickets are £6.60 in advance or £8 on the door.


British Science Week Goldsmiths Showoff Special – 15th March


(^^ “Goldsmiths is one of the best known universities in the world for art and design” – Sarah Cox, former Goldsmiths press officer)

Join us at the Amersham Arms (New Cross, South London) on Wednesday 15 March for a Goldsmiths, University of London Showoff special featuring serial killers, Brad Pitt, and a high-tech smart glove.


The line-up:

Mark d’Inverno (Computing) on ‘Why machines can never be creative – the history and future of creativity’

Caoimhe McAnena (Psychology) on the psychology of the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’

Ashok Jansari (Psychology) asks ‘What’s the difference between Brad Pitt and a Super-cop?’

Hadeel Ayoub (Computing) Let’s have a talk…Glove to Glove

Robert Chapman (Psychology) on why ‘Science Reporting isn’t funny’

Sarah Wiseman (Computing) on ‘People are WEIRD – Why we shouldn’t experiment on students’


Doors 6:30pm for 7pm start.

Part of British Science Week.

Line-up subject to change.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to CARA, the Centre for At-Risk Academics.