Science Showoff Talent Factory Launch – September 20th – Star of Kings

On Tuesday 20 September join the next generation of top science communicators for a night of chaotic cabaret at the Star of Kings: it’s the launch of Science Showoff’s Talent Factory!

Want to know more about Talent Factory? Click here.


Introducing our acts in the first half are Talent Factory conductor/captain/Commander in Chief Steve Cross and, in the second half, hilarious science Youtuber / performer Florence Schechter with a hot take on why science makes you, and the person sitting next to you, sexy (or not).

Our line-up:

Aimee Eckert – Aimee is endlessly fascinated by the weirdness of genetics, so she’ll be talking about a shape-shifting crustacean that has more genes than you, and a near-indestructible mini beast that steals genes from others. Oh, and they’ve both been to space!

Suzanne Harvey – Bones, barbs, and bonobos: Suzanne’s going to discuss how female choice drives evolution and has shaped modern man.

Charlotte Mykura – Charlotte delves into the twisted land of the nucleus and ponders how and why your DNA is a broken mess.

Mike Conterio – Mike’s explaining why quantum physics is about more than that damned cat.

Plus more from Cerys Bradley, Anna Ploszajski, Charlotte Hale and Sadie Harrison.

All ticket money will be donated to the Lumos Children’s Charity – @lumos.

Tickets just £6.60 with booking fee from We Got Tickets.

Your Favourite Dead Scientist Was An Arsehole – September 7th – Star of Kings

Join us on Wednesday 7th September as we exhume dead scientists (NOT LITERALLY) and think about all the awful, shocking, and occasionally hilarious things they did in between inventing really cool stuff and saving our lives.


Steve and our performers will demolish the Great Man Theory of The History Of Science and replace it with the Total Arse Theory of the History of Science.


(What kind of absolute arsehole bends a goat?)

The line-up:

Cerys Bradley – Marie Stopes was a pioneer of family planning who pushed a much needed conversation about contraception onto the British public. It’s such a shame that she was 100% entirely motivated by her arsehole opinions about certain groups of people.

Sophie Meekings – What’s that horrible version of the Midas touch, you know, where everything you touch gives you cancer? Oh, that’s right, it’s called WORKING WITH PIERRE AND MARIE CURIE.

Jamie Upton – Jamie’s a biologist, part-time art curator and the less enthusiastic half of The @Enthuseum podcast. He hates space and everything in it. His chosen scientist is… unspecific. Much like his career to date.

Ian Bowkett – Ian will get confused between the Victorian physiologist J.S. Haldane and his geneticist son J.B.S. Haldane because their names are too similar (and they were both arseholes).

Olivier Usher – How Tycho Brahe laid the groundwork for the scientific revolution and set the standards for the London private rented housing sector.

Andrew Holding – Did you know that GCSE Chemistry celebrates the work of a mass murdering misogynist who accidentally fuelled two world wars? He doesn’t even come first in the chemistry rankings for who killed the most people (we checked), but it doesn’t stop him from being the biggest ARSEHOLE.

Maia Elliott – Antonie/Anthonie/Antony/Antonj van Leeuwenhoek: scientist, inventor, tradesman and extraordinary pain in the arse. Maia will be skipping over all the ‘Father of Microbiology’ crap to reveal a man who’s priorities were so wrong, they were almost right.

Sadie Harrison – Sadie spent the first year of her PhD reading the diaries of the original Royal Society guys, and knows all of their dirty secrets.

Plus more from Tayyibah Ali, Vivien Solak and Ali Mozaffari.

Tickets are £6 plus 60p booking fee and available HERE.

All ticket money will be donated to Marie Stopes UK.


Books Showoff 4 – August 24th, Waterstones TCR

Books Showoff’s first run in the basement of the fancy new Waterstones on Tottenham Court Road was a bestseller so now we’re back for chapter two: more shows!


Join comedian Steve Cross and eight wonderful people who write books, read books, love them, collect them, or sometimes just visit their local Waterstones because they really like the smell (not mentioning any names).

Affectionately known as London’s first chaotic open-mic night about books, Books Showoff is unapologetically raucous, irreverent, and hysterical.

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start. There’s a lovely bar with amazing cocktails, reasonably priced wine, and a lift down to the basement.


The show’s speakers include:

Sarah Elizabeth Cox on her dominatrix ex-therapist and why she (Sarah, not the dominatrix) keeps a Joan Collins book by her bed.
Gregory Akerman – Gregory’s favourite book is a children’s book – Monsterman by Duncan and Jim Eldridge. Learn how this simple tale of skepticism led Gregory to hate Rick Wakeman & have confusing feelings for David Icke (because of course Gregory is going to talk about Icke).
Anil Godi – Poet Anil Godi looks at H.P. Lovecraft’s less well-known catalogue of poetry to see what interesting additions to his legacy can be fished out of the murky confluence of poetic form, an overfondness for Classics and cosmic horror.

Rob Davis – Rob Davis, founder of game studio Playniac, will be running his award-winning, globe-trotting crowd game Cat On Yer Head, now available as an illustrated book.

Cian Agnew asks: What clues do Donald Trump’s books give us about his Presidency?

Belle Taylor – Belle’s doing a semi-improvised talk on The Dice Man, based on the throw of a dice.

Plus more from Rebecca Rideal and Nick Coveney

Tickets are just £5 and available now from the Waterstones website.

SCIENCE SHOWOFF presents ANIMAL SHOWOFF, July 19th, Star of Kings


Chaos + science + comedy + conservation + an animal that looks like an armadillo being as cute as hell = Pangolin Conservation at Science Showoff.


This is a dead pangolin ie what we’re trying to avoid.

Join nerd celebrity and comedian Steve Cross, and a cast of animal experts hand-picked by London Zoo’s Kelly-Anne Kelleher for a night of learning and laughter, with all the ticket money going towards keeping a few more weird scaly mammals alive.

Tonight you’ll see these folk talking about their favourite animals:

Terri Hill – Wild Equid specialist, the luckiest girl in the world, or otherwise known as “zebra girl” and I keep zebras in my garden!

Nicky Plaskitt – Birds, birds, birds!

Andy Davison – Okapi

Lucy Hawley – Seahorses

Olivia Neville – The Great Pangolin Quiz

Catherine Cheyne – Eternal Oblivion: The Aye Aye’s have it

Mark Habben

Adam Hemsley

The gig is at the Star of Kings on July 19th, with doors opening at 7pm. Tickets cost £6 which will all go to Kelly’s chosen pangolin conservation charity They’re available HERE. If we don’t sell out in advance, tickets on the door will be £8.


BOOKS SHOWOFF 3 – July 21st, Waterstones TCR

The third installment of a new series of collaborations between Waterstones and comedian Steve Cross sees eight of London’s sparkiest readers take to the stage to share their passion (or intense critical appreciation) for books.
Affectionately known as London’s first chaotic open-mic night about books, Books Showoff is unapologetically raucous, irreverent, and hysterical.

Steve Cross – Our MC and currently reading a book about the zoology of termites, written by a man who didn’t know any zoology. And happy about this.

Joey Connolly – I’ll be talking about a spreadsheet I made. It’s a spreadsheet of all the books I’ve read since I stopped reading books which were mostly pictures. It’s got data on everything from genre to gender to grandness and outwards to almost everything there is about a book. It’s got graphs. It’s got serious graphs. It’s an act of perhaps unparalleled alphanumeric nerdery. What kind of extravagantly self-interested mind would make such a thing? Find out on the 21st of July.

Keith Kahn-Harris – ‘The books I will never write’; My ‘Impossible Books’ project.

Rachel Wheeley – Rachel Wheeley takes an appreciative look at the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Why science fiction is fascinating and whether H2G2 could have been the text of a Scientology style religion, if only its readers had less sense.

Sarah Bennetto – The aussie comedian and storyteller will take us deep inside her favourite book, and reveal the mess inside in a way that only she can.

Sean Smith – “Your mind, my thane, is as a book where men may read strange matters.”  Bring your favourite book, and mindreader and magician Sean Smith will tell you what it reveals about you.

Joel Blackledge – Joel Blackledge is a writer, filmmaker and middlebrow enthusiast. He’ll be talking about Love & Rockets, a comic book series that is slightly older than him and considerably more successful.

Micheal Eades – Michael  will be talking about his secret life as a Surrealist book collector.

Richard Duguid – Richard has worked at Penguin Books for nearly 30 years, doing fundamentally the same job. His late father also did that job at Penguin, for 32 years. His son is at university studying chemistry.

The gig is in the basement of the cool new Waterstones on the south end of Tottenham Court Road (it’s in one of the units that used to be big flash electronics shops) on Thursday July 21st. Doors open 7pm. There is a lovely bar (yay!) and a lift down to the basement.

Tickets are £5 from HERE

JULY 6th – NEVER EXPLAIN recording plus Samantha Baines Edinburgh preview


Join the Science Showoff team for a special recording of Never Explain, the comedy science panel show that elevates swearing and fighting above facts and explanation. Then in the second half enjoy a special preview of Samantha Baines‘ space-themed Edinburgh show, 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet and 2 Cox.

Never Explain stars Steve Cross, Lydia Nicholas, Brian Mackenwells, Robin Andrews and Bhavani Espathi.

The gig is at the Star of Kings in the basement. Doors open at 7pm, with the show starting at 7.30. Tickets are £6 from

You can get previous episodes of Never Explain from these links:

SCIENCE SHOWOFF Croydon Comedy Festival, June 23rd

Join us for a special gig in the crown of Surrey, as Science Showoff comes to Croydon for the Croydon Comedy Festival.


Tonight’s acts are:

Steve Cross – science comedian, nerd and troublemaker
Florence Schechter – science YouTube star
Gregory Akerman – comedian, geek and worrier about the endtimes
Sophie Meekings – neuroscientist, language expert and whittlerJamie Upton – science writer, performer and storyteller

The gig’s at The Gold Coast at 7.30pm on the 23rd June. Full details, including how to buy tickets, are here.