Science Showoff Cambridge – 10th October, Portland Arms


The chaotic science comedy cabaret comes to Cambridge. Join MC Steve Cross, headliner Sarah Bennetto and some amazing new Cambridge science comedy talent for a night of laughing, learning and larking about.


Your MC will be Steve Cross, science comedian and celebrity nerd. He’ll be joined by the cream of Cambridge biology talent, making funny about their research:

Philipe Bujold
Paul Kirk
Dana Galili
Sarah Madden
Alisa Molotova
Stanley Strawbridge
Heidi Solberg Økland
And more!

And your headliner Sarah Bennetto, founder of Storyteller’s Club and one of the funniest and loveliest comedians in Britain.

This event is a partnership with the Wellcome Trust – MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and all your ticket money (except the booking fee) will be given to the charity Parkinson’s UK.

The gig is on the 10th October at the Portland Arms in Cambridge. Doors will open at 6.30 and the show starts at 7pm prompt! Tickets are £5 in advance from here. Tickets on the door will cost more (£7) so do buy in advance to guarantee your seat!

This event is part of Biology Week 2016.

Science Showoff Bristol – September 21st – The Grain Barge

Bristol, has your life been going too smoothly of late? …isn’t it boring?

Or maybe you have turbulent times in your own life. Why not try watching us running around flailing for a change?

Inject some of our trademark chaos into your life with open-mic performances from scientists, science fans, and other people who like finding out about stuff. Comedy, rap, research, demos – we have, possibly, all of this and more, on a BOAT that serves ALCOHOL. And it’s all for charity.*  Buy tickets now!

Performers for tonight include:

  • Anna Smith, for A Walk Among the Histones: how harnessing epigenetics may (or may not) give us all photographic memories.
  • Alex Lathbridge, presenting A Biochemist’s Guide to Proxima B. (Warning: He knows very little about space travel)
  • David Ferland McCollough, with an homage to Dr Wilder Penfield (1891-1976), once known as “The Greatest Canadian”, pioneer in the fields of neuroanatomy and neurosurgery and star of the best 1980s informational video ever made.
  • Rowan Hedley: Rhythm and rhyme adorn her thoughts. In minutes of nine, Rowan will force her cognitions on science into your hands for you to absorb or set down where you stand.
  • John McInnes: Standup Comedy, but with science & engineering puns, you’ll learn nothing but feel extra smart because you understood the jokes!
  • Katherine Cooper: “My Daddy Complex: musings from the daughter of a mathematician”
  • Our wonderful compere, Ross Exton of @Bristol fame! A professional nerd & your compere for the evening. he’ll be there to get everyone just as excited to see you all perform as he is!

And more to be announced!

Doors at 7.00, show starts at 7.30, done by 10.00 so everyone can get home.

Tickets are £6 + 60p booking fee in advance, £8 on the door. Save yourself £2 and us messing with change by buying now..

As ever, we will be at the delightful Grain Barge, moored in Hotwells, Bristol.

If you have access requirements or other queries, please contact us (email or twitter) and we’ll do everything we can to get you there.

*Charity TBD, suggestions welcome!


SCIENCE SHOWOFF WOKING – October 1st, Rhoda Mcgaw Theatre


There was once a man called HG Wells, who tried to imagine what the future would be like.

He got it wrong. Mostly.

But at least he wrote a good story, eh? And it’s great stories and great science that we’re celebrating as part of our first appearance EVER in Woking, at the Rhoda Mcgaw Theatre on October 1st.


This gig will feature the following amazing names from the worlds of science and comedy:

Steve Cross – our MC is a comedian, troublemaker and celebrity nerd, has been with Science Showoff since the start and has very strong opinions on lots of books.

Sarah Bennetto – an amazing aussie comedian who’s been stranded in the UK for a decade, Sarah is the founder of Storyteller’s Club and might be tired from playing every festival all summer, as well as touring her Edinburgh show, “I Love You All And I Mean That Sincerely”.

Iszi Lawrence – Iszi created the Z list, Dead List series of podcasts and gigs, looking at not-so-famous historical figures and poking fun at them. She makes the history of science and medicine hilarious in a way no-one else can.

Martin Austwick – Martin’s a social physicist, a songwriter, a podcaster but it most famous as the off-mic voice “producer Martin” on Answer Me This!

Flux Dance Theatre – Flux turn science into dance, and are currently the company-in-residence at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford.

Florence Schechter – Florence is a YouTube science star and science communicator extraordinaire. Expect verbal fireworks!

Cerys Bradley – Cerys is a Crime Science PhD student, comedian, competitive debater and podcaster, with a wit faster than a Cray integrates factions.

Join us for an unrepeatable night of science shenanigans, from some of the funniest science folk the UK has to offer!

The gig is at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre (The Ambassadors, Peacocks Centre, Woking GU21 6GQ) on Saturday October 1st. Get tickets here, quick!




Books Showoff 5 – September 28th, Waterstones TCR

Remember that guy who got locked in a Waterstones for the evening and just spent the whole time tweeting to be let out?

If you were shut in the Tottenham Court Road branch, there’s no way you’d be so eager. Along with a zillion books, there’s a basement with cake, cocktails, AND (on the 28th September) loads of lovely literary types being funny and clever for your benefit.

GET TICKETS from the Waterstones website!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 17.27.47

Join Steve Cross and our brilliant speakers for just five quid plus booking fee.

Doors at 7pm for a 7.30 start.

The line-up:

Lucy Talbot – Lucy is a maudist. Find out why the original Harold & Maude novella is the best therapy ever.

Claire Thomson – By day, mild-mannered academic. By night, part of a crack team of women operating a clandestine Scandinavian publishing house. Once accidentally published a book with the word ‘ARSE’ on the cover.

Nolan Parker – Candice Nolan and Phil Parker didn’t intend to write a novel. They never planned to spend time in the office creating scenes of pole dancing, rioting scientists or tractor chases. But then they didn’t know what Michael Gove had planned for them…

M.L. Rio – M. is a writer, former bookseller, and long-time theatre nerd. She just finished her Masters in Shakespeare at King’s College London and her first novel, If We Were Villains,will be published by Flatiron Books in 2017.

Gauti Sigthorsson – The evils of textbooks are well known to Gauti Sigthorsson. He should know, he wrote one.

Becky Littlechilds – Becky’s going to talk about the sub-cultural behemoth I Kissed Dating Goodbye, the magical Good, spiritual orgasms, and the Celibacy Crusade.

Sadie Harrison – At UCL Sadie is pursuing a PhD in 17th and 18th century scientific circles. She knows lots of old dead science dudes’ secrets.

Ana Parejo Vadillo – Ana’s at Birkbeck and writes about late-Victorian people and things, including the author ‘Michael Field’. She chooses her books for their good looks.

Book tickets here.


Performers wanted: Science Showoff Bristol – 21st Sept

September is a time for new beginnings; a new term, a new lease of life as the kids go back to school, or maybe … a new way to convey your thoughts about science?

On Wednesday September 21st, we are looking for performers to talk, dance, sing, demonstrate or generally make an exhibition of themselves about any aspect of any science. No experience necessary, first-timers and new ideas welcome: just put together 9 minutes of material for us. Signup here.

We have an incredibly supportive audience of around 50-100 paying punters, a science comedian compere, and all the money we raise goes to local small charities for whom the money makes a big difference. We haven’t chosen this month’s yet: got suggestions for a deserving cause? Let us know.

You can see examples of previous acts on our Youtube channel, but just because you don’t see anything like your work there doesn’t mean it’s not welcome! We aspire to have a variety of performance and styles, and when we say anyone is welcome, we mean it.

Previously we have welcomed physical theatre, social-technical fusion, Star Trek with stripper shirts, and cake-based mimicry demos. If you are: a science student or teacher, an actor or film maker, a band, a mime troupe, a circus performer or even a scientist with something to communicate about science, go for it.

Signup here: and we’ll be in touch to tell you more about it. Laptop, microphone, and projector provided: if you need other props or equipment, or have questions about performance, drop us a mail, or bug us on twitter.

See you there!

Science Showoff Talent Factory Launch – September 20th – Star of Kings

On Tuesday 20 September join the next generation of top science communicators for a night of chaotic cabaret at the Star of Kings: it’s the launch of Science Showoff’s Talent Factory!

Want to know more about Talent Factory? Click here.


Introducing our acts in the first half are Talent Factory conductor/captain/Commander in Chief Steve Cross and, in the second half, hilarious science Youtuber / performer Florence Schechter with a hot take on why science makes you, and the person sitting next to you, sexy (or not).


Our line-up:

Aimee Eckert – Aimee thought she had seen it all when it comes to online dating – but she wasn’t expecting to find the profile of an extremely egoistic organism. Can we really believe all of his boastful science stories?

Suzanne Harvey – Bones, barbs, and bonobos: Suzanne’s going to discuss how female choice drives evolution and has shaped modern man.

Charlotte Mykura – Charlotte delves into the twisted land of the nucleus and ponders how and why your DNA is a broken mess.

Mike Conterio – Mike’s explaining why quantum physics is about more than that damned cat.

Charlotte Hale – Cutting Shapes, Bust a Groove! – Charlotte will be getting everyone Moving Science, Bring your dancing shoes.

Cerys Bradley – A Sybil attack is a pretty interesting way of carrying out cybercrimes like fraud and phishing scams, and it’s named after an even more interesting example of how psychologists in the 1970s had absolutely no shame. Cerys, a PhD student in the UCL Crime and Security Department, is going to talk about both of these things.

Sadie Harrison – Sadie is a professional fangirl for the bad bitches of the eighteenth century.

Anna Ploszajski – How do you say metallurgy? And other questions. A Memoir.

All ticket money will be donated to the Lumos Children’s Charity – @lumos.

Tickets just £6.60 with booking fee from We Got Tickets.

Your Favourite Dead Scientist Was An Arsehole – September 7th – Star of Kings

Join us on Wednesday 7th September as we exhume dead scientists (NOT LITERALLY) and think about all the awful, shocking, and occasionally hilarious things they did in between inventing really cool stuff and saving our lives.


Steve and our performers will demolish the Great Man Theory of The History Of Science and replace it with the Total Arse Theory of the History of Science.


(What kind of absolute arsehole bends a goat?)

The line-up:

Cerys Bradley – Marie Stopes was a pioneer of family planning who pushed a much needed conversation about contraception onto the British public. It’s such a shame that she was 100% entirely motivated by her arsehole opinions about certain groups of people.

Sophie Meekings – What’s that horrible version of the Midas touch, you know, where everything you touch gives you cancer? Oh, that’s right, it’s called WORKING WITH PIERRE AND MARIE CURIE.

Ian Bowkett – Ian will get confused between the Victorian physiologist J.S. Haldane and his geneticist son J.B.S. Haldane because their names are too similar (and they were both arseholes).

Olivier Usher – How Tycho Brahe laid the groundwork for the scientific revolution and set the standards for the London private rented housing sector.

Andrew Holding – Did you know that GCSE Chemistry celebrates the work of a mass murdering misogynist who accidentally fuelled two world wars? He doesn’t even come first in the chemistry rankings for who killed the most people (we checked), but it doesn’t stop him from being the biggest ARSEHOLE.

Maia Elliott – Antonie/Anthonie/Antony/Antonj van Leeuwenhoek: scientist, inventor, tradesman and extraordinary pain in the arse. Maia will be skipping over all the ‘Father of Microbiology’ crap to reveal a man who’s priorities were so wrong, they were almost right.

Sadie Harrison – Sadie spent the first year of her PhD reading the diaries of the original Royal Society guys, and knows all of their dirty secrets.

Ali Mozaffari – Ali’s talking Richard Feynman, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

Tickets are £6 plus 60p booking fee and available HERE.

All ticket money will be donated to Marie Stopes UK.