Steve Cross debuts his new hour-long solo show “How Science Ruined My Life”.

Photo by Jo Cross

Photo by Jo Cross

Steve is unique among science comedians in the UK in that he knows no science at all. He founded Bright Club, where academics across Europe tells jokes about their work, and hosts Science Showoff but still has managed to absorb no science whatsoever.

Join him as he tries to make sense of why people keep booking him for science events, sending him their science homework questions and letting him loose inside their universities, museums and zoos. Contains swearing, rude ideas, angry tweets by teenagers and lots of science. Much to his annoyance.

The second half of the show will be presentations by scientists entitled “How Steve Cross ruined my life”.

The show is in the basement of the Star of Kings, London on June 7th. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are available from here for £5: or they will be £7 on the door.


Bristol, we know you missed us. It’s time for your next dose of science, fun, chaos and charity-supporting at our next Science Showoff. We’ve got poetry, drama, heartbreaking, and silly puns from 8 great people, each in a tasty bite-size 9 minutes or less, and tickets are just £6+booking fee in advance (buy now!), or (still a bargain) £8 on the night. All proceeds to the wonderful St Werburgh’s City Farm.

Here are the performers who will be each be delivering their own unique take on science-flavoured entertainment:

Steve Cross, our traditional, professional science comedian compere, survivor of two jobs in science and scourge of university finance departments.

Marcus Johns on ‘Mending a broken heart – relationship advice not included’

John McInnes is a PhD student with Bristol University’s Wireless Communications CDT and standup comedian. His set will combine both of these things and end up being dense with silly science/engineering/mathematical puns.

Sarah Snell-Pym will present “Stars in My Eyes – space, poetry, possibly a puppet, hopefully no singing but who can tell!”

Stephen Litherland – who will look at some of the crazier conspiracy theories and why people believe them.

Chris Dunford There are 34,772 hours of Star Trek and Chris Dunford has spent his life watching them repeatedly, at the expense of his own social development. At Science Showoff Chris will rant like an unhinged junkie for 9 minutes on Star Trek’s portrayal of politics, gender, race and morality, and what that tells us about our own society. Chris will strike a fine balance to ensure that his material is too niche to be funny and too flippant to be of any intellectual merit. Chris speaks about himself in the third person.

Joe Daly – a psychology student about to embark on a PhD in robotics who will be talking about some of the curious things that make robots likeable (or not…)”

and Diana Erandi Barrera Moreno, who’s breaking boundaries with a play featuring history, social sciences, and more!

The gig is at the Grain Barge in Bristol on May 25th. Doors open at 7pm with the gig starting at 7.30. We should be done by 10.30 and there will be an intermission. Buy Tickets Now : all money goes to St Werburgh’s City Farm.

BOOKS SHOWOFF 1 – 24th May at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road.



The first of a new series of collaborations between Waterstones and comedian Steve Cross sees eight of London’s sparkiest readers take to the stage to share their passion (or intense critical appreciation) for books. Tonight you’ll see:

Steve Cross comedian, nerd celebrity, troublemaker and your compere. Hasn’t read a book since 2011.

Alice Bell presents a Brief History of Fan Fiction.

James Ward will be talking about secondhand books, receipts, accidental bookmarks, Google Streetview and how all of this resulted in him standing in the street and taking photographs of a stranger’s house.

Sarah Elizabeth Cox did an MA in International Relations and has probably read more books about the Cold War than your average person, but only remembers one of them. At Books Showoff she’ll discuss how the Berlin Wall wasn’t the only thing going down during 1989’s revolutionary climax.

Olivia Potts is an almost former criminal barrister, who moonlights as a cook and food writer. She’s a cookbook fanatic, and will look into her crystal mixing bowl to tell us what we’ll see from Nigella et al next.

Anne Welsh – Books sit on our shelves like undetonated bombs. Some have been captured by pirates, stopped a bullet, or sunk to the bottom of the ocean. They have told societies how to live, what to believe, and forecast the future. They’ve started wars and revolutions, and the shape of what we read, even onscreen, is still dictated, in the words of the song, by the size of a cow. Anne Welsh is big in Bibliography, and will share some cautionary tales. Tweets @AnneWelsh – mainly to a crowd of cataloguers, archivists and book historians.

Harry Harris joined a Finnegans Wake reading group and immediately found out just out of his depth he was surrounded by experts in politics, modernism, classics and Irish History – four things quite key in understand the Wake, he thinks…he’s really not sure, to be honest, but he’ll do his best to explain what he’s been doing on Tuesday nights for the past 5 months.

Kayleigh Betterton – “You know when you said ‘antiquarian books’ Miss, I thought you were talking about fishes…” Kayleigh Betterton is book-collector and teacher; reading, writing and educating young people about books on a daily basis. Tonight she will be talking about what happens when you introduce a group of South London teenagers to a collection of priceless, antique first editions.

Kerry Lambeth is writing a book about Shakespeare, tourism and bullshit.

The gig is in the basement of the cool new Waterstones on the south end of Tottenham Court Road (it’s in one of the units that used to be big flash electronics shops) on Tuesday May 24th. Doors open 7pm. There is a lovely bar (yay!) and a lift down to the basement.

Tickets are £5 from here.



Steve Cross, our host, comedian, nerd celebrity, troublemaker and founder of Science Showoff is back at The Edge for a line-up that will never be repeated, performed in ways you’ve never seen before.

Steve is joined by nanomaterial specialist, chemist, engineer, writer and TV presenter Suze Kundu along with Maia Elliot who brings unique ways of talking about the latest DNA science to all sorts of audiences.

Joining us from University of Bath is Director of the Centre for Death and Society John Troyer who sees Dead People. And he knows how the story ends.  Every time. We are also delighted to welcome Social Scientist and postdoctoral researcher Oli Williams, and Chemical Engineering PhD student Parimala Shivaprasad.

Parimala specialises in reaction engineering – asking ‘what connects a sheep and a DJ?’ whilst Oli uses art and design as part of the AWL art collective, to highlight health inequalities and instigate change.

Ticket link

SCIENCE SHOWOFF 5.7, 16th May, Star of Kings, London


Hello science fans! Would you like a night of enlightening nerdy entertainment with a rich seam of hearty laughter right through the middle? “Wouldn’t that be like having a delicious cake that has somehow been filled with an even more delicious yet quite different cake, Steve?”. Yes, dear reader it would. And it will be a TREAT.


Science Showoff marries chaos, comedy and science in a three-way formal relationship that would be illegal if they were people. Tonight we host a lineup stuffed with fresh science talent, with a couple of seasoned pros to keep this complicated mixed metaphor afloat. You’ll see:

Steve Cross – Comedian and your MC for the night. Love crisps.

Tim Maynard – Chameleons live!! natures super heroes! The most awesome, amazing beasts on the planet!

Flo Schechter – Think homosexuality is unnatural? There are at least 1500 species who would disagree with you.

Dan Stowell – Dan Stowell will talk about the unexpected consequences of inventing a
machine for recognising birdsong.

Adam Woodhall – Adam Woodhall is a force for good, taking you on a journey to a galaxy far far away…

Claire Asher – Claire is a freelance science writer, communicator, and innovation officer for the London NERC DTP. She’ll be taking us on a whistle-stop tour of evolutionary biology, from meerkats to slime moulds, all the way to the future of homo sapiens.

Hannah Cameron – 3d printing based humour with Hannah and TinyBoy, where you will learn about pineapples, bulbasaurs and printing/life fails.

And more to come!

The gig is at the Star of Kings on May 16th, with door sopening at 7pm. Tickets cost £6 which will all go to the SANE Mental Health Charity. They’re avilable here. If we don’t sell out in advance, tickets on the door will be £8.

NEVER EXPLAIN – Podcast panel show recordings in May

What would happen if science was as entertaining as, well, entertainment?

Never Explain is a brand new panel show all about making science funny. We’re helping science escape from a world where charisma-free middle-aged men just wait to explain the right answer, and opening a portal to riotous fun to appeal to people who love entertainment but might not give a toss about science. This is science by entertainment’s rules, happy to get things wrong, mess about and let chaos loose on stage.

Join team captains Steve Cross and Suze Kundu,  host Professor Sophie Scott and special guests from the worlds of comedy and science for an evening of bitching, niggling, fighting, talking over each other, ridiculous suggestions and clever answers that turn out to be wrong. And laughs. Lots of laughs.

To give you an idea of tone, here’s the face that the glamorous Suze does when she sees Steve:

Suze looks annoyed at Steve

The recordings are in the super-plush basement of the Bloomsbury Studio in May. The show will run from 7.30pm to about 10.00, and we’re recording two episodes a night with a break. Tickets come from these links:

3rd May, Never Explain, The Other Comedy Panel Show Podcast, Bloomsbury Studio

with Prof Sophie Scott, Steve Cross, Suze Kundu, Sarah Bennetto (Storyteller’s Club), Kent Valentine (Professional Generalist) and Dan Schreiber (No Such Thing As A Fish)

10th May, Never Explain, The Other Comedy Panel Show Podcast, Bloomsbury Studio

with Jaye Foreman, Steve Cross, Suze Kundu, John-Luke Roberts (Alternative Comedy Memorial Society), Louise Inman (Nerd Nite London) and Cerys Bradley (debate champ).


NEVER EXPLAIN has been developed by Steve Cross and Elise Bramich and is financially supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Science Showoff Bristol – 25th May, the Grain Barge


Spring has exchanged its stored potential energy for kinetic, and we’re back at the newly refurbished Grain Barge to raise money for a farm. On a boat.

On Wednesday May 25th, we are looking for performers to talk, dance, sing, demonstrate or generally make an exhibition of themselves about any aspect of any science. No experience necessary: just put together 9 minutes of material for us. Signup here.

We have an incredibly welcoming audience of around 50-100 paying punters, a science comedian compere, and all the money we raise goes to local small charities for whom the money makes a big difference. This time we’re helping St Werburgh’s city farm outfit classrooms to teach vulnerable children and adults about horticulture and animal care.

You can see examples of previous acts on our Youtube channel, but just because you don’t see anything like your work there doesn’t mean it’s not welcome! We would really love to have more different kinds of performance, and when we say anyone is welcome, we mean it.

Last time we welcomed physical theatre, a philosopher of science, a PhD student explaining his work through dance, and cake-based mimicry demos. If you are: a science student or teacher, an actor or film maker, a band, a  mime troupe, a circus performer or even a scientist with something to communicate about science, go for it.

Signup here: and we’ll be in touch to tell you more about it. Laptop, microphone, and projector provided: if you need other props or equipment, or have questions about performance, drop us a mail, or bug us on twitter.

See you there!