History Showoff is an evening of hilarious nonsense about the past, with comedians, historians and archaeologists. Imagine a stand-up comedy show where, instead of talking about airline food and internet dating, we’re laughing at the Tudors, Victorians and World War 2. And even history that isn’t on the GCSE syllabus!

We’re the only comedy night where you can see historians explaining why Queen Victoria was really misunderstood, comedians claiming that Henry VIII was a role model we should all learn from and meet archaeologists who hate Tomb Raider. All archaeologists hate Tomb Raider, by the way. I learned that at History Showoff.

Charlotte Mykura at History Showoff
Dr. Charlotte Mykura at History Showoff

We take over pubs, libraries, theatres, festivals and anywhere else we can put a microphone, and guarantee laughs and learning. Arrive with an interest in history and leave with new found facts to win all the pub quiz rounds, having laughed so hard your insides hurt. Our speakers come from universities and the comedy circuit, and you’ll laugh at professors and PhD students as much as the humour professionals.

We currently host regular shows in the Bishopsgate Institute Library, Southwark Cathedral Library, and organise shows as part of festivals, Museum Lates and anywhere that needs some humour injecting into its study of the past. Contact Steve to discuss collaborating on a show for your venue or festival, or if you are a historian or comedian who would like to perform.

Our upcoming gigs are listed here.

Paul Duncan McGarrity
Paul Duncan McGarrity

Previous performers have included:

Dr Kate Wiles (History Today)
Kristin Hussey (QMUL)
Dr Estelle Paranque (King’s College London)

Dr Anna Maerker (King’s College London)
Dr Adrian Blau (King’s College London)
Juliet Jacques (writer and journalist)
Dr Joanne Paul (University of Sussex)
Mathew Lyons (History Today)
Dr Catherine Fletcher (University of Sheffield)
Dr John Gallagher (University of Leeds)
Hailey Bachrach (King’s College London)
Dan Schreiber (No Such Thing as a Fish, QI)
Iszi Lawrence (Z List Dead List, British Museum Membercast)
Dr Rebecca Rideal (UCL)
Dr Fern Riddell
Paul Duncan McGarrity
(Ask an Archeologist podcast)

Hailey Bachrach
Hailey Bachrach

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