Science Showoff – Wednesday 4th April – Star of Kings


What do you mean six Showoffs in three weeks is too much showing off? We reject this hypothesis. More science! More comedy! More Star of Kings basement! More brilliant, smart, hilarious people raising a ton of money for charity!


Joining compere Steve Cross on Wednesday 4th April are:

Sarah Bell from UCL, who has been trying to figure out how to be a feminist engineer for at least 25 years. It’s bewildering. She’ll be talking about her own misadventures and the problem with lipstick

Imperial College’s Alina Paduraru doing something super cool&awesome&bae about the immune system #PhDGoals

Nathan Green, also from Imperial, talking about Ronald Fisher and Karl Pearson, two godfathers of statistics who hated each other

Peter Kelly has been a pharmacist for ten years and also runs healthy living campaigns in schools. He’ll be making us laugh while informing us about living our best healthy life

Why do charities want to make us cry? Bhavani Esapathi will take us through her journey of living with four autoimmune diseases and all the socially uncomfortable moments she’s experienced that led to founding of The Invisible Labs which, let’s just say is designed to bring all that’s socially inappropriate about chronic diseases into the mainstream framework of our minds.

Plus more from Steven Lee



The Over-Analysers’ Book Club presents: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – Wednesday 11 April – Waterstones TCR


The fourth edition of our Books Showoff spinoff – The Over-Analysers’ Book Club – sees six performers from the worlds of reading, writing, publishing, academia and comedy over-analyse Philip K Dick’s classic book, each taking a different entertaining angle.

Joining compere Steve Cross in the lovely Waterstones Tottenham Court Road basement bar are:

Sophie Meekings talking about the often criminally ignored “sheep” subplot of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Spoiler: SHEEP ARE GREAT

James Kneale on the Penfield Mood Organ and why you only need to read the first four pages of DADoES to get the whole novel, as well as most of the important things about Dick’s life

Rob Eagle is the bastard love child of Philip K Dick and William Gibson, researching virtual reality that allows users to explore another person’s world. How can we use VR to reimagine and play with gender roles and binaries? DADoES paints a dystopic future for technology and our ability as a society to feel empathy. Some of the ’60s tech is now coming true, and we only need to look at the rise of nationalism and anti-migrant sentiment to see that Britain has an empathy crisis at the moment. Scary stuff…

Alice Bell: At least in the Blade Runner films, the weather is really shit. Plus why the best baddies are solar powered baddies

Plus more from comedian Iszi Lawrence, and computer scientist and sex tech expert Dr Kate Devlin

Doors are 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Please note this is earlier than Books Showoff 2016-17


HISTORY SHOWOFF – April 5th, Southwark Cathedral Library



History Showoff is finally south of the Thames! Not very far south of the Thames admittedly, but one small step at a time.

Join an incredible lineup of historians, comedians, religious figures and experts for a night of hilarious stories of religious history and history of London.

Steve Cross – comedian and our compere
Julia Bourke
Hailey Bachrach
Becky Littlechilds
Jim Craig
Kate Harford
Lucy Talbot
Oskar Schortz
Jessica O’Neill

The gig is on Thursday April 5th in the Library of Southwark Cathedral. Tickets come from here, and the doors open at 7pm.

CITY OF LONDON SHOWOFF – March 22nd, The City Centre, London

Ticket link

Thursday the 22nd March marks our first ever City of London Showoff, bringing funny experts and nerdy comedians together for hilarious stories and quirky facts about the Square Mile.

Expect history, architecture, planning, civil engineering, jokes, entertainment and strong opinions from a lineup including:

Steve Cross – nerd comedian and the brains behind the Showoff empire. Once invested in a nigerian budget airline and lost all his money.

Ed Jefferson – journalist, writer and the inventor of the Waterloo and City line pub crawl.

Pip Jefferis – Civil engineer and roadbuilder

Oli Broadbent – Concrete fanatic and thinker of big thoughts

Charlotte Mykura – genetic scientist and London obsessive

Hannah Cameron – Landscape architect, designer and maker of plastic pineapples

Eleanor Morton – genius of the comedy world

The gig is at The City Centre, which is attached to the Guildhall in the City. It starts at 19:30 sharp and tickets come from here. They are £13 which includes a free wine, beer or soft drink (and more drink is available after that).


A Very European Science Showoff – Tuesday 20 March – Star of Kings


Hola! On Tuesday 20 March your favourite chaotic open-mic-style night for scientists, science communicators, and anyone else with something to show off about science will be here, in London, with a line-up entirely consisting of EU nationals based in the UK.

Let’s celebrate why they and the science they make are extremely good things.

GET TICKETS (£6.60 / €7.40-ish!)

Joining compere Steve Cross are:

Eva Amsen: Hundreds of scientists have used the phrase “of mice and men” in the title of their journal article, so Eva turned some of those titles into a poem

QMUL’s Dominik Schmid, talking about animal sex

Alina Paduraru from Imperial explaining why we can’t be together, I’m sorry… It’s not you, it’s your adaptive immune system

Irene Robles Rebollo, a PhD student from the London Institute of Medical Sciences, with ‘To express or not to express: A cell’s dilemma’

Brian Mackenwells, who flew over from Ireland to talk to people about science almost ten years ago and since he now mostly helps the people who do the science to do the talking instead of him, he’ll take any chance he gets to get back to the talking

Dutch national Maia recently left her PhD in pursuit of a more rewarding and meaningful existence: convincing UK politicians to listen to The Science. Come see her use comedy as a crutch – because if she doesn’t laugh, she’ll cry

Carole Kenrick with the story of what Carole the scientist and Emily the poet learnt when they had to create a science/poetry performance in a very short space of time

Tickets are on sale here, with all proceeds going to charity


The Over-Analysers’ Book Club presents: Wuthering Heights – Wednesday 21 March – Waterstones TCR


“Oh, God! It is unutterable! I cannot live without my life!”


This year is the 200th anniversary of Emily Brontë’s birth, so The Over-Analysers’ Book Club will be treating Wuthering Heights to an hour and a half of its attention. Why are Heathcliff and Catherine one of the best but definitely also one of The Worst Couples in Literature?

Join guest MC Gregory Akerman and a line-up of performers from the worlds of reading, writing, publishing, academia and comedy as they tear Brontë’s only novel apart at our monthly literary stand-up and cocktail fest in the basement of a very nice book shop.

Your line-up:

Nick Coveney on Heathcliff and heteronormativity. Nick will unpick some of the wacky and weird elements of Heathcliff’s trope-tastic orphan to landed gentry journey and its ensuing sob fest. Is he a tortured hero or just a torturous example of stereotypes?

Emily McQuade – Is Wuthering Heights a horror story and if so, who or what is the monster?

Sarah Bell on reading Wuthering Heights at school in the ’90s in Western Australia

Peter Hose asks: what can boys learn from Wuthering Heights?

Sarah Barnes, who first read Wuthering Heights when she was 13, and has been thinking about the food in the book ever since. If you’re looking for a culinary adventure, you’ve come to the wrong place

Jude Cowan Montague (who is, on her mother’s side, an Earnshaw from Embsay and hails from Bolton, Lancs) on old Joseph, who uses his West Riding dialect to tell off uppity posh youngsters who are good fer nowt

Tickets are available now from the Waterstones website for £7 plus booking fee.

Doors are 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Please note this is earlier than Books Showoff 2016-17.

LGBTQ+ Science Showoff – Wednesday 7 March – Star of Kings



February is LGBTQ+ History Month, an excellent opportunity for celebrating lots of LGBTQ+ people, past and present.

But we don’t want to stop celebrating once its finished. So on the 7th of March, we’ve planned an amazing stand-up comedy event featuring LGBTQ+ scientists making jokes about the incredible science they do.

Your line-up, curated by Cerys Bradley (pictured) includes:

Queer palaeontologist from UCL, Selina Groh, who still maintains that crocodiles are way cooler than dinosaurs and works on proving that via their PhD

Stewart Who? on how an educational hiccup in primary school led to a resistance to STEM subjects and a diversion into Drama and working in LGBTQ media before sci comm

Dr Linda Cremonesi – currently working as an ultra-high-energy-neutrino-hunter at UCL, Linda will be talking about  flavour queer neutrinos

Neuroscientist Oz Ismail bringing you the anxious confessions of a sexually charged nerd and taking you on a journey through his awkward existence

Lover of all things infectious, weird sex toys and cooking, Paolo Arru from SMASHfestUK dabbles in scicomm and will try to avoid mixing the previous interests together for this show.

All money raised through ticket sales will be donated to the charity London Friend, a health and well-being service for the city’s LGBTQ+ community.

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start.