Engineering Showoff – Jan 16th, Star of Kings, London


There’s an incredible new show in town, and Engineering Showoff is its name. The scientists have taken a back seat (or more likely gone back into their labs to rerun their experiments in the hope of generating some statistically significant data) and the people who ACTUALLY DO THINGS are back on stage making jokes.


Tonight you’ll see eight engineers performing stand-up comedy about their work, and hear about how so much of the world ended up the way it is. The short answer: Humans did it.

Here are the incredible folk you’ll be hearing from:

Steve Cross – your MC and the nerdiest person ever to be allowed on stage.
Maria-Lida Kounadi – engineer
Emma Kent – engineer
Yasmin Ali – engineer
Raynee Keshav – engineer
Cath Hassell – engineer
Priti Parikh – engineer
Jonathan Knight – engineer
Ana Gallego – engineer


Tickets cost £6 in advance, all of which will go to the marvellous charity Engineers Without Borders. You can get one here. If we don’t sell out in advance, tickets on the door will be £8.

The gig is at the Star of Kings in London on January 16th. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 7.30 sharp. Turn up early if you want a seat!

If you’d like to see what our gigs are like check out some previous amazing engineer performers here.

Engineering Showoff is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering through their Ingenious grant scheme.

Engineering Showoff – Dec 7th, Star of Kings


Who ARE the people who make the world like THIS?  Who are the people making the roads and buildings and sewage pumps and hydrogen storage systems and breweries and tube networks and mobile phone chips and apps and even the quality control processes (but not the weapons because we have standards)?

That’s what Engineering Showoff is all about – meeting the people who make the modern world, in a pub, and listening to them be hilarious for 9 minutes each. It’s a chaotic comedy cabaret about engineering and amazing engineers.

Anna Ploszajski

Anna Ploszajski

At this special event where engineers become comedians for one night you’ll meet this incredible talent:

Anna Ploszajski engineer
Aimi Eliasengineer
Philippa Jeffrisengineer
He-In Cheong – engineer
Gwenhivir Moonengineer
Corina Kwami engineer
Katie Creswell-Maynard – engineer
Steve Crosscomedian, non-engineer. Your MC for the night. Makes clever people funny for a living.


Steve Cross

Steve Cross

The gig is on Wednesday 7th December in the basement venue at the Star of Kings on York Way in London. That’s here. Doors open at 7pm and the gig starts at 7.30 sharp! Tickets cost £6 plus a 60p booking fee from If we don’t sell out in advance tickets on the door will be £8. All your ticket money will be given to Engineers Without Borders to help with their work taking engineering to where it is needed the most!

Engineering Showoff is supported by an Ingenious grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Science Showoff, 23rd November, Grain Barge, Bristol

The world is rubbish. Let’s hide in science, art and laughter.

On Wednesday November 23rd, we invite you to join us on the Grain Barge. Buy tickets now. You’ll see talented performers including:

Leah Richards on Sexuality – what is it, what does it do, and does anyone care anymore?

Dom Moylett – When he isn’t busy using quantum physics to make our technology better, Dom likes to kick back and play video games, but he often finds them very difficult. He will justify why he struggles so much, by explaining how you can mathematically prove that your favourite video game is hard.

Poet Thommie Gillow and sci-commers Liz Lister and Becky Hurwitz (Wisterlitz) presenting extracts from Moonbrella, a work that explores the stories of some of the women whose lives are commemorated in lunar craters.

Jamal Kinsella – Human scientist Jamal Kinsella invites you into an experiment where you’ll be exposed to some bad vibrations

Russell Arnott has been an artist, an oceanographer, a Physics teacher and more recently the Outreach Officer for WhaleFest which involved going into schools with a life-size orca teaching kids about the sea. Having just started a PhD at Bath University, he is going to be talking about his research in plankton which is much more interesting (and important) than most people think…

Sadie Harrison, who has Noticed Something about the history of science.

Kate Oliver, a nanomaterials student doing a PhD in printing jelly, who will describe some experiments that just really didn’t need to happen.

and more, details TBC!

Location: The Grain Barge, Mardyke Wharf, Hotwell Rd, Bristol BS8 4RU (map)

Time: 7.30-10pm (doors 7.00)

Tickets are £6 in advance, £8 on the door. All the money we raise goes to local small charities for whom the money makes a big difference. This time we are supporting one25, a Bristol-based charity specialising in enabling women to break free from street sex-work, addiction and other life-controlling issues and build new, independent lives.

Tickets available at

Specimen Showoff, 5th December, Barts Pathology Museum


On Monday 5th December, one of the World’s Top 10 Weirdest Medical Museums is holding the first ever Specimen Showoff. It’s sort of like Science Showoff, but with loads of really really terrifying things in jars.

Our aim is to engage the public with medical specimens (wet or dry, human or artificial). Speakers have nine minutes each to talk about their favourite specimen at Barts or another medical museum they’ve visited or worked at.

Joining your host Steve Cross are:

Sarah Elizabeth Cox (ex-QMUL Press Officer, failing playwright) – “I am Murdered!” – The Skull of John Bellingham

Carla Valentine (Technical Curator, Barts Pathology Museum, QMUL) – “It’s What’s Inside that Counts” – ‘Foreign Objects’ inserted into orifices

Steve Moore (QMUL Learning Resources and Facilities Manager) – “Hunter VS Potts” – The Curious Story of Barts’ Oldest Specimen, the Hernia (1750)

Subhadra Das (Curator of the Galton and Pathology Collections, UCL) – Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix specimen. The story of Henrietta Lacks – the, until recently, unknown black American woman whose cell line has been fundamental to medical science since the 1950s.

Plus more to be announced.

GET TICKETS – £10, includes wine and nibbles


(^^ just remembered that time @spookyjulie brought a bomb and an assassin to the RI)

Science Showoff, 14th December, Star of Kings

It’s Christmaaaass!


Join us for some chaotic science comedy cabaret in a basement full of laughter and learning that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. Find out about loads of science stuff, feel great about yourself, then drink all the really strong alcoholic liquids like sherry or something because that’s quite Christmassy, and forget it all.

Joining internationally renowned comedy nerd Steve Cross are a line-up of top funny smart people from London and Cambridge: Jamie Upton, Rachel Wheeley, Paul Kirk, Kate Oliver, Stanley Strawbridge, Dana Galili, and Cerys Bradley with Florence Schechter.


Books Showoff, 13th December, Waterstones Tottenham Court Road

Our pre-Christmas Books Showoff in the lovely basement of Waterstones Tottenham Court Road is in absolutely no way a ploy to get you drunk and buying everything in sight for your loved ones (or loathed ones, depending on which part of the PopSci section you’re browsing). Nope. Never even crossed our minds.



(Steve reading a book)

Joining your compere Steve Cross for a night of literary laughs and none-too-subtle plugs for their own works of genius are:

Rebecca Rideal – Historian Rebecca Rideal is the author of last summer’s top holiday beach read, 1666: Plague, War and Hellfire.

Simon Watt – Simon is a biologist, writer, science communicator, comedian and TV presenter, perhaps best known as a presenter on the BAFTA winning documentary series Inside Nature’s Giants and the Channel 4 special The Elephant: Life After Death.

Helen Pilcher – Helen’s Bring Back the King is the book for you if you’ve ever fancied having a pet dinosaur (just us?). The science writer and comedian will explain the pitfalls and practicalities of de-extinction (it’s an actual thing) and ponders whether or not Elvis could be resurrected from the DNA inside a pickled wart. Are you clonesome tonight?

Ann Morgan – Literary explorer Ann Morgan read a book from every country in the world in 2012 and continues to blog about her reading adventures. Her debut novel, Beside Myself, is the story of twins who swap places in a childhood game and get trapped in the wrong lives. The perfect dark family tale for when relatives get on your nerves over the festive season.

Joanne Paul – Joanne is a Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Sussex. Her book, Thomas More, seeks to examine this controversial figure as a thinker and writer, uncovering his central beliefs and arguments.

Jonathan L. Howard – Jonathan is the author of the Johannes Cabal, Carter & Lovecraft, and Russalka Chronicles series of books. The Johannes Cabal series consists of Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, Johannes Cabal the Detective, The Fear Institute, The Brothers Cabal, and published in September this year, The Fall of the House of Cabal. The series currently enjoys “cult” status, but the author would prefer “bestselling.”

Sarah Bee – Sarah wrote a book called The Yes. It’s about a Yes in a land of Nos.

Plus more from Helen Keen

Get your five quid tickets from the Waterstones website

Agony Auncles of Science, 22nd November, The Harrison


They look like regular advice columnists, but they have a secret weapon: science.

Join your host, Auncle Scary, and a panel of all kinds of scientists as they try and solve problems of lovelife, gardening, etiquette and more, live, using science wildly inappropriately.


No problem too large or too small, and recorded for your later enjoyment!

Can science can solve everything, or indeed anything at all?

Our Science Showoff Talent Factory panel includes:

Anna Ploszajski – resident engineer, specialist subjects: materials, innuendos and tenuous analogies

Jamie Upton – 22 year vet in the uncle game and King in the north, specialist subjects: death, brains and dead brains

Aimee Eckert – peerless style icon, specialist subjects: no matter what your query – cancer has the answer

Mike Conterio – scoutmaster of the universe, specialist subjects: lighting fires under stressful situations and quantum physics

Charlotte Mykura – tamer of wild yeasts, solver of knicker problems (unrelated)

All proceeds go to the Inner City Centre

Tuesday 22nd November, The Harrison, 28 Harrison Street, London, WC1H, 7pm