LGBTQ+ Science Showoff – Wednesday 7 March – Star of Kings



February is LGBTQ+ History Month, an excellent opportunity for celebrating lots of LGBTQ+ people, past and present.

But we don’t want to stop celebrating once its finished. So on the 7th of March, we’ve planned an amazing stand-up comedy event featuring LGBTQ+ scientists making jokes about the incredible science they do.

Your line-up, curated by Cerys Bradley (pictured) includes:

Queer palaeontologist from UCL, Selina Groh, who still maintains that crocodiles are way cooler than dinosaurs and works on proving that via their PhD

Stewart Who? on how an educational hiccup in primary school led to a resistance to STEM subjects and a diversion into Drama and working in LGBTQ media before sci comm

Dr Linda Cremonesi – currently working as an ultra-high-energy-neutrino-hunter at UCL, Linda will be talking about  flavour queer neutrinos

Neuroscientist Oz Ismail bringing you the anxious confessions of a sexually charged nerd and taking you on a journey through his awkward existence

Lover of all things infectious, weird sex toys and cooking, Paolo Arru from SMASHfestUK dabbles in scicomm and will try to avoid mixing the previous interests together for this show.

All money raised through ticket sales will be donated to the charity London Friend, a health and well-being service for the city’s LGBTQ+ community.

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start.




HISTORY SHOWOFF Valentine’s Special 14th FEBRUARY

We’re OVERJOYED to partner with the Bishopsgate Institute for a special Valentine’s Day full of tales of strong women in love. The gig is at 7.30pm on the 14th February and features your favourite history lovers like Paul Duncan McGarrity, Fern Riddell and Cerys Bradley.

You can find out full details of the stellar lineup and buy tickets here.

Steve Cross at Bishopsgate Institute

Steve Cross at Bishopsgate Institute

The Over-Analysers’ Book Club presents: The Lord of the Rings – Tuesday 27 February – Waterstones TCR


The second show in our new Books Showoff-esque series – The Over-Analyser’s Book Club – takes on JRR Tolkien’s epic, The Lord of the Rings.


Six performers from the worlds of reading, writing, publishing, academia and comedy will over-analyse the same classic book, each taking a different fascinating, entertaining, or downright weird, angle.

Joining compere Steve Cross in the lovely basement of the ‘hipster Waterstones‘ on Tottenham Court Road are:

Ezzy Pearson – a science journalist who likes to read books about men who like men. She’ll be telling us why so many women (and a few men) think the Fellowship were all shagging each other

Lydia Nicholas, who sees LOTR as the parable of the guy who claimed he didn’t like parables

Ed Jefferson explains how (not) to write a sequel to Lord of the Rings

Becky Littlechilds on the cartographies of LOTR

Plus more from comedian Angus Dunican and one more act TBC


Doors are 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Please note this is earlier than Books Showoff 2016-17!

Science Showoff – Tuesday 20 February – Star of Kings


In what Science (ok, fine, a Buzzfeed list) overwhelmingly concludes is the world’s crappest month, we’re bringing you not one, not two, but THREE WHOLE SHOWOFFS to lighten the mood this February.

You’ll find us at the Star of Kings on Weds 7 Feb with a Science Showoff Talent Factory line-up, at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road on Tues 27 Feb for our Books Showoff Lord of the Rings special, and then back at the Star of Kings on Tues 20 Feb are…

Dr Sheila Kanani – the education, outreach and diversity officer at the Royal ASStronomical Society will spend her nine minutes telling you why your butt is better than a gas giant

Dr Faz Alam, talking about the food that hurts us and why we love to eat it

UCL PhD candidate and brain-basis-of-stammering-expert Naheem Bashir, speaking about his experience of living with stammering

Charvy Narain on interesting ways of finding people to take part in your experiments on pain and fear

Anthropologist Lorit Dror, who choses to study human behaviour as she is consistently confused by it. For nine minutes she’ll rant about the supposed differences between men and women that really stump her

Edd Bankes is a PhD student exploring the relationship between comedy and science communication in the hope it will make him funny. His research is currently focused on how the sociology of science can be best used to win arguments with his dad

Plus more from Anna Cupani, and our guest MCs Sarah Jones and Oz Ismail




Science Showoff – Wednesday 7 February – Star of Kings


On Wednesday 7th February we’re bringing you a super-talented Talent Factory line-up of the UK’s funniest, freshest, science communication stars-of-the-present-and-definitely-of-the-future.

As usual, all proceeds go to charity. Book now.

PhD neuroscientist Oz Ismail is on a quest to clean the dirtiest of brains… including his own

Lucy Eckersley asks: Is conservation a feminist issue?

Cass Hugill has travelled half away around the world from the depths of down under to bring you her own flair and flavour of science comedy

Belle Taylor questioning whether her PhD turned her into a Slytherin

Hannah Thompson talking about Western blots and their role in a PhD

Matt Jay discussing the highlights of his deeply personal biological irregularities.

Plus more from PhD student studying microbes and minerals, Sarah Jones and Hannah Cameron, a maker by trade and a massive fan of 3D printing

Doors open at the Star of Kings, York Way, at 7pm




Science Showoff – new acts night! Tues 16 January, Star of Kings, London


With a new year comes a new line-up of TOTALLY NEW Science Showoff acts, never seen before on our Star of Kings stage.

Get tickets now, discover the next generation of scicomm superstars, and help raise money for Rethink Mental Illness.

Joining your host Steve Cross at the Star of Kings, York Way, London, on Tuesday 16th January, are:

Julia Galbenu, an environmental science warrior fighting for our planet: from teaching to vlogging, writing and presenting, she’s determined to do all she can to get the message out there

Sarah Leach talking about how to use monsters to find new species

Jason Davison, mathematical magician, performing mathematical magic

Helen Betham on weird animal mating rituals

Samuel Bestall discusses the less than glamorous realities of life after gastric band surgery

Carmen D’Cruz – co-host and organiser of London Skeptics in the Pub since 2009, an award winning monthly series of interesting talks promoting critical thinking… in a pub

Ness Carson on why we make amino acids in the lab that can’t be found in nature

Plus more from Donna Ward


JANUARY 16th – NEW ACT NIGHT Sign up to perform

It’s a new year and a new you.

And you’ve never performed at Science Showoff before. So now’s the time.

You’ve seen everyone else take part and have an amazing time but somehow you’ve not yet taken the stage. Now is your chance.

Go to this Doodle. Grab a slot:

Be part of the Showoff magic. All we ask from you is a set of up to 9 minutes in length on a stage. You can be anyone, doing anything, about any kind of science. We love talks, demos, comedy, dance, music, short plays, sketches, clips of podcasts with discussion, drag, burlesque, rap, musical theatre ANYTHING that relates to science at all.

The gig is on the 16th January in the basement of the Star of Kings on York Way in LONDON, and we’ll need you from 7pm. There’s no pay for the gig because all the ticket money will be donated to charity.

Even international science star Alex Lathbridge had to start somewhere. Join us.