Science Showoff at the Bloomsbury Theatre – February 4th


Ticket link:

Science Showoff is a chaotic science cabaret where you can get your geek on for an evening, safe in the company of hundreds of like-minded souls*. Join ten of London’s best communicators of science for a night of jokes, demos, music and entertainment in London’s best science performance venue.

Performing tonight are:

Dr Steve Cross – geek comedian, troublemaker and Head of Public Engagement at UCL
Dan Schreiber
– science comedian, QI Elf and host of There’s No Such Thing As A Fish
Simon Watt – science entertainer and presenter of Inside Nature’s Giants
Dr Emily Grossman – science educator and regular guest on the Alan Titchmarsh Show
Matt Allinson – PhD student at Imperial College
Sarah Day – science communicator from the Geological Society of London
Prof Sophie Scott – UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr Martin Zaltz Austwick – UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
Dr Claire Asher – UCL Genetics, Environment and Evolution
Dr Sarah Bell – UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
Sadie Harrison – UCL Science and Technology Studies

The gig is at the Bloomsbury Theatre, on the 4th February 2015, with the show commencing at 7.30pm. Tickets are £8, all of which will go to charity.

*There is no empirical evidence that humans have souls


SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Hannah Fry. Jan 19th, Star of Kings


Maths. It’s a word we hear a lot. We all know that maths is the plural of math. It’s what happens when more than one math gets together. But what is a math? Join us on January 19th for a special chaotic science cabaret extravaganza to find out.

Tonight’s very special not-at-all-on-the-spectrum maths lineup has been put together by the frankly astonishing Dr Hannah Fry, the acceptable face of numbers in the UK. She’s chosen her favourite incredible acts to take us into the frightening world of quantitativeness, as well as having a notoriously maths-phobic MC forced upon her. Tonight you’ll see:

Steve Cross – Comedian and compere. Nerd and math refuser. Doesn’t know pi. Has eaten pie.

Elise Bramich – Probability and the apocalypse. You do the math.

Maddie Moate – Maddie Moate is a science and technology presenter, blogger and YouTube educator. Maddie is currently blogging about the ‘Connected Home’ for and presenting the BBC’s ‘Earth Unplugged’, a YouTube channel exploring and answering weird and wonderful questions about the natural world.

Thomas Oléron Evans – Scissors-paper-stone. Just a game of luck, right? So how come there are computer programmes that can beat human players with ease? And how should you play in a round worth twenty million dollars?

Jen Rogers – Jen Rogers will be combining everyone’s two favourite subjects: statistics and speed cameras, to explore the confusion between causality and chance.

Rob Eastaway – Rob Eastaway, author of numerous books including the bestselling Why Do Buses Come in Threes? and Maths for Mums and Dads, will demonstrate the magical maths behind the riffle-shuffle of a pack of cards.

Katie Steckles – Katie Steckles is a mathematician based in Manchester, who visits schools and science festivals around the UK to talk about maths. She enjoys baking things in the shape of maths, and trying to solve a Rubik’s cube in increasingly awkward situations.

Ben Sparks – Pretty Irrational: How can maths be irrational? What does irrational even mean? Is there a “most irrational thing”? Is it pretty? May contain music and hypnosis.

Sarah Wiseman – When reading numbers, we don’t HAVE to think about them mathematically, I know that is a blasphemous thing to say. In this set I’ll talk about the different ways we can think about numbers, and what can happen when the number reading process goes wrong.

Adam TownsendThe maths of chocolate fountains:  Delicious, obviously, but can you do a PhD in it? We’ll find out how to make predictions for chocolatey flows, and then work out (a) whether we can use other types of chocolate, (b) whether we could make a pioneering ketchup fountain, and (c) why chocolate fountains fall inwards, not directly downwards.

Plus More!!

The gig is on Monday 19th January, at the Star of Kings on York Way (nearest tube Kings Cross), with the doors opening at 7pm.

Tickets are on sale from for £6, with all of that money going to Hannah’s chosen charity, London Youth.


Love Science?

Have something to say about it?

Looking for the nicest audience there is?

Based in the South-West?

I have news for you.

We’re coming back to Bristol for one of our bimonthly takeovers of the magnificent Grain Barge pub (it’s genuinely on a boat! It’s really exciting) for an evening of science-themed chaotic cabaret starring YOU.

Eight brilliant Bristolians (or those from nearby) are wanted to perform 9 minute sets of any kind about any sort of science. We welcome science presentations, demos, comedy, music, interpretive dance whatever you’ve got as long as it’s about science. This gig is perfect if you’re a scientist eager to get out more, a science teacher who wants to have an audience of adults for once, a science fan who wants to try a stage out for the first time, a musician or comedian with some experimental science material to try out or ANYONE AT ALL WHO LIKES FUN AND SCIENCE.

Signup here to perform: sets are up to 9 minutes long.

The gig is in the evening on Thursday Jan 22nd (we’ll need performers from 6.30ish to 10.00ish) with doors opening at 7.00pm.


SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Simon Watt. Dec 16th. Star of Kings.

Ticket link


And can you believe the treats that Santa* has got in his bulging science sack** for all the good boys and girls*** this year?

* = Guest curator Simon Watt
** = line-up of amazing acts
*** = you, the ticket-buying public

He’s got:

Steve Cross – Showoff MC, international science comedian (he has done one gig in Belgium), racounteur, monster.

Helen Arney – The Geek Songstress (as seen on BBC2 and Comedy Central) will be performing a Christmassy set of songs. She’ll be mashing up her usual blend of “science, music & ukulele”… in other words… “Cue miniscule ice elks”!

Rob Wells – Rob is a data strategist and stand up comedian who will be combining those two disparate fields for nine minutes of spell-binding Winter Entertainment and / or above-average PowerPoint.

Neil Denny – Neil Denny makes the Little Atoms Radio Show and podcast. He’ll be talking about how a cushion nearly started a nuclear war.

Erica McAlisterSex and seduction as told by flies. Some of them kiss, some stroke, and some even give presents but don’t be fooled – they drink, womanise and make the woman perform for them in demeaning fashions. Sound familiar? What with some strange adaptations and some interesting developments the wonderful sex lives of flies will be revealed.

Stevyn Colgan – Stevyn is an author, illustrator, QI ‘elf’ and co-writer of ‘The Museum of Curiosity’ for BBC R4. He’s going to talk about aliens; why they won’t be humanoid and may shit bricks.

Jules Howard – The coevolution of duck genitalia.

Claire Asher – Claire is a behavioural ecologist and science communicator. She’ll be talking politics, sex and death in ants, and her bizarre experiences as a social insect biologist.

Nick Crumpton – After stints as a zoologist, media-dabbler, and childrens author, Nick now works at the Natural History Museum in London as a presenter of Nature Live and part-time secret science-doer. He has an inordinate fondness for small mammals, graphic novels, speaking into microphones, and occasionally growing beards.

Timandra HarknessComedian and writer Timandra Harkness is currently touring Brainsex, a neuroscientific comedy co-starring Socrates the rat. Tonight, odds are she’ll be doing something more statistical, though we don’t have sufficient data to predict more exactly.

Simon Watt – Simon  will be discussing the work of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (@UglyAnimal) and his fondness for frogs.

This monumental lineup are all performing at the Star of Kings on Tuesday December 16th. Door open at 7pm. Tickets are £6 (all of which goes to Street Doctors, Simon’s chosen charity for this month).

SCIENCE SHOWOFF with SpotOn London – Fri 14th Nov, Star of Kings


Once a year, SpotOn (Science Policy, Outreach and Tools Online) comes to town so that all the people who are fascinated by science online can come together and compare notes (this year it’s free! THAT’S INCREDIBLE).

Here at Science Showoff we’re HUGE fans of science online. Well, we like naked mole rat memes, drunken tweeting and The Slow Mo Guys, but that counts, right? So we love teaming up with SpotOn to do a special gig with a bit of a digital flavour. Join us tonight for some chaotic science cabaret with a social twist.

Tonight’s acts, each ready to wow you with science and blindside you with laughs are:

Steve Cross – Science comedian, MC, troublemaker.
Holly Rogers – Chair of Science London and examiner of the science of SciFi.
Steve Le ComberSenior Lecturer at QMUL and mathematical murderer hunter.
Els Merry-Price – Anthropologist and curator of fat monkeys.
Shaz Rathore – Neuroscientist at UCL and asker of questions.
Faraz Alam – Medic and bacteria hunter.
Jamie Upton – Scientist and art lover.
Alfredo Carpineti – Astronomer and TIME TRAVELLER!?!
Ian Bowkett – Poet and science nut.
Rowena Fletcher-Wood – Storyteller and evolution expert.
Elliann Fairbairn – Cancer expert and persecuted minority.

The gig is on Friday 14th November in the basement of the Star of Kings. Doors open at 7pm and the show should run till about 10pm.

Tickets are £6, and we’ve chosen the Lightyear Foundation (long-standing Showoff friends) to receive all of that money. You can buy one here



SCIENCE SHOWOFF BRISTOL 9 – Thurs Nov 20th, Grain Barge


Hello Bristol!

Do you like science?

Do you like fun?

If you answered yes to at least one of those you’re our target market. And if you didn’t answer yes, then you’re our target audience to convert into a target market! We have got a gig that will suit you all PERFECTLY.

Tonight we fill the Grain Barge with science and comedy and chaos, and all for the low price of £5, ALL OF WHICH will go to charity. Tickets are available in advance from

“But”, you might ask, “who could you possibly have lined up to make this night so incredible?”. We’ve got incredible communicators of science from right across all of the spectra. They are:

Steve Cross – MC, science comedian, glasses wearer. Knows nothing at all about science. NOTHING.

Tim Maynard – Spiders! Sometimes hairy, often scary, find out why these 8 legged freaks should and could be our best friends

Georgia Malcolm – “Stuff Idiots Believe about Chemistry: The real science behind three internet myths explained”

Robert Cooper – A rapid tour through the variety of modern snakes and how they evolved to hunt and survive. Find out what snake venom does to your blood, how cuban boa’s catch bats in complete darkness and which snake eats rattlesnakes.

Beth Cotterell – Each tiger has a unique set of stripes but also a unique personality and history; I’ll be telling some of their heart-warming and…not so heart-warming stories I learned during the trials and tribulations of building my facial stripe recognition software.

Rachel Jones – Exploring the men exploring the mysteries of the female body, and how their science was sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes downright bizarre.

Jenny Jopson – What happens when you unleash giant rats (well, actors wearing giant rat heads) on the drunken punters of Glastonbury Festival? Jenny Jopson of renegade event producers Guerilla Science will talk about the pleasures and pitfalls of taking science into muddy fields.

Steph Wakeman – Morbid curiosity; what does it exactly entail and why do people seem so interested in it? Let me take you through a macabre voyage of gore, war and massacres.

Anthony Poveda – Many unhelpful things have been said about Time: Time is the fourth dimension. Time is relative. Time is of the essence. Time is on your side. Time waits for no man, woman, or indeed any dimensions of gender. Time was this was all trees. What a mess of a concept! So can we unravel it even a little bit in the (space)Time allotted by Steve ‘The Iron Stopwatch’ Cross? Lock up your TARDIS, it’s Time to find out.’

Rhys Phillips  – Radio presenter and mathematician Rhys Phillips has noticed that all pop music sounds the same. He will be using maths to work out many different possible tunes there are and asking why all Scouting for Girls sound the same.

The gig is at the Grain Barge in Bristol on November 20th. Doors open at 7pm with the gig starting at 7.30. We should be done by 10 and there will be an intermission. Tickets are £5 (all of that goes to our charity CALM, The Campaign Against Living Miserably)

SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Simon Foster – Nov 18th, Star of Kings


Well. This is exciting.

Your favourite chaotic science mess of an event have only gone and got Simon Foster, Sky TV’s favourite checker of science accuracy and your gran’s favourite blower-up of stuff, to curate an evening of science-based fun and frolics.

This means 10 incredible acts from Simon’s little black book, and a real treat for you.

The gig will be MCed as ever by Steve Cross, our troublesome in-house comedian and thorn in the side of positivists everywhere. He’ll be joined by:

Matt Allinson and Gilead Amit – Find out why the King of Denmark give a nose-less aristocrat the most generous research grant in history, and why this led to a pet moose getting drunk and falling to its death down the palace steps. We are two thirds of the blog “Tycho’s nose” and will give you the biography of our eponymous appendage and its attached astronomer, Tycho Brahe.

Emily Mayhew – What form of complex, long term casualty was experienced by soldiers in 21st century Afghanistan AND by those from the Great War?  Dr Emily Mayhew will tell you the answer as well as teaching you how to say two of the most complicated names in all of Science AND introducing you to a truly amazing woman scientist whose achievements were a century ahead of their time.

Marc Coury – With fossil fuels running out we need to turn to alternative energy sources, what are our options? Fusion energy, the holy grail of the nuclear industry, is one such option but how far away is it?

Jo Stephenson -Ukulele-toting songstress Jo Stephenson will be singing a selection of science-y songs – some more science-y than others.

Nic Harrigan – “I will be showing you how to detect subatomic particles from the other side of the universe by consuming alcohol. Actually, there are two ways to do this – I will reveal the less traditional method.”

Emily Grossman – Emily Grossman, resident science expert on Sky1’s Duck Quacks Don’t Echo and ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show, explains as many weird and wonderful science facts as she can fit into 9 minutes!

Terry Rudolph – I’m a quantum physicist who spends his weekends wondering what the *&^% is actually going on in the microscopic world. I intend to talk about what its hard to find any kind of story, never mind one that “makes sense”, and perhaps I will outline some of the more desperate and whacky avenues I have ventured up.

Manchi Chung – Nine simple science experiments in nine minutes. Let’s proudly shout about the wonders of science whether you’re in the pub, at work, in a restaurant or in the bath tub!


The gig is on Tuesday 18th November in the basement of the Star of Kings. Doors open at 7pm and the show should run till about 10pm.

Tickets are £6, and Simon has chosen the Lightyear Foundation (long-standing Showoff friends) to receive all of that money. You can buy one here