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A new podcast showcasing the weirdest and most wonderful things happening in science-themed comedy in the UK.

Science Showoff Presents LogoFeaturing recordings from Never Explain, the worst-behaved science comedy panel show, as well as conversations with comedians, communicators and producers creating incredible work.

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Some more of the naughtiness that is NEVER EXPLAIN, with a recording of a game in January 2019, a few days before Steve became a father of twins. This episode stars Paul Duncan McGarrity, Rebecca Diez, Sophie Ward and Kieron Brophy.

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It’s time to play NEVER EXPLAIN, the rudest science comedy panel show where no droning of correct answers is allowed. Join Steve Cross, Fran Day, Aimee Eckert, Faz Alam and Matt Hutchinson for a live recording of a sold-out slice of nerdiness.

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What’s it like to climb the ladder of science stardom? Steve chats to Dr Anna Ploszajski (Young Engineer of the Year and creator of the ‘Rial Talk podcast) and Not-a-Dr-Yet Alex Lathbridge (Famelab winner and part of the WAYADY podcast) about winning awards, the beginnings of awkward fandom and performing in tents.

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