Steve Cross

Steve is our compere and the founder of Science Showoff.

Once upon a time he was a spectacularly poor lab scientist, then an OK science communicator and for a while a museum and art curator (for Wellcome Collection).

These days he’s a geek comedian, presenter and producer, travelling across the UK helping all sorts of intellectual types share their passions. He also founded Museums Showoff and Bright Club, for example. He trains clever people to be funny, through his project CLEVERmakeFUNNY, and has worked with academics, museums professionals, software engineers, architects and lawyers to make comedy part of their lives.

Steve has performed at all the nerdiest places, like the Science Museum, the Cheltenham Science Festival, the Royal Institution, The Edinburgh Science Festival, Green Man, the Natural History Museum, the Manchester Science Festival, the British Science Festival and the Barbican. He’s gigged for conferences including the Society for Applied Microbiology, the International Congress of the History of Science, Technology & Medicine and the Science Communication Conference.

He talks science on camera, with clients including the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Physiological Society, and is available to stare down a camera lens and get excited. Here he is talking about gambling.

Steve’s hour-long show “How Science Ruined My Life” is always in development, and he will happily take on corporate gigs, after-dinner speeches and event hosting.

The best way to ask Steve to host your gig, present your show or train you to be funny is on twitter.

Steve does things that aren’t jokes too. His public engagement consultancy and training can be found at

Steve is a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, working on new ways to build communities where everyone can talk about science.

Photo by Jo Cross

Photo by Jo Cross


Photo by Rachael Agnew

photo by Graeme Kennedy

photo by Graeme Kennedy


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