On March 21st we’re at the Portland Arms in Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. Tickets are here.


The team behind Science Showoff is about to travel across the UK, helping to make engineers funny and give them a chance to share their work with new audiences in a humourous way. Engineering Showoff is here!

Are you an engineer? In the private or public sector? Or a University? Looking to develop new skills and improve the public visibility of the thought and work behind the stuff that makes the world work? Come and work with us!


Civil engineers and mechanical engineers and electrical engineers and software engineers and structural engineers and chemical engineers and industrial engineers and geotechnical engineers and all the other types of engineer we haven’t even heard of yet. We want you all!

EMAIL engineer AT to find out more or get involved!



Engineering Showoff is recruiting engineers in London, the North-West, the South-West and East Anglia for its first wave of gigs, with the following performances lined up:

Manchester Pub/ZOO October 26th (part of the Manchester Science Festival)
London Star of Kings December 7th
London Star of Kings January 16th
Cambridge Portland Arms March 21st (part of the Cambridge Science Festival)
London Star of Kings March 27th

Our engineers will each perform up to 8 minutes of material about their work, honed with the help of their fellow performers. The gigs are hosted by Steve Cross, who will make sure that the crowd love every minute of your performance.


In each city we’ll bring our engineers together for a couple of hours for comedy skills training about three weeks before the gig, a couple of hours for a rehearsal the night before the gig, and then the whole evening of the gig utself. We’ll organise the training and rehearsals at times that suit you, probably in the evening. All the training and support you get is free, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.


You’ll be trained by experts who have helped to make hundreds of researchers funny and supported them through their first public gig. We’ll improve your public speaking skills and confidence as well as giving you the skills to make anything funny.
You’ll meet a group of local engineers who share your passion for sharing their work in new and interesting ways.
You’ll get a hundred strangers to cheer and clap for your name, and laugh at everything you say.
We’ll create a video of your performance (or not – your call!) that you can share with whoever you like.
We’ll help you find more opportunities to show off your new skills.
You’ll help a group of strangers see engineers as exciting people who can take on a challenge like stand-up comedy.


We tried an experimental Engineering Showoff in London in 2015, featuring engineers from UCL, Imperial College, ARUP and more. This is what happened:


Engineering Showoff is run by Steve Cross, who’s a public engagement trainer and standup comedian. He founded Bright Club and Science Showoff, and has trained more than 500 experts of all kinds to be funny about their work.

Engineering Showoff is funded by an Ingenious grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering, so you know you’re safe with us.

EMAIL engineer AT to find out more or get involved!


“There are the obvious public speaking skills which have benefited from performing comedy based on my work, but in learning how to construct jokes, I’ve learnt how to think how the audience thinks, which has totally changed my approach to communicating my research. I even won a prize for the best talk at a conference, and I 100% attribute this to the comedy training.”Anna Ploszajski, UCL engineer.


We had to get one hard hat in, just to annoy the Royal Academy of Engineering’s press team.