Science Showoff 2.2, 2nd October – LINE UP ANNOUNCED


What a brilliant first gig back we had in September. Thanks to some brilliant acts, and a very generous, and may I say rather sexy, audience, we managed to raise £460 for the Snowflake School. You all deserve a gold star, and I owe you all a hug.

Feeling left out of the ocean of oxytocin that is Science Showoff? Never fear, for we are back at the Wilmington Arms at 7pm on Tuesday 2nd October for our second gig of the season!

Blinding you with science tonight, we have:

Steve Cross: Sophisticated and charming, semi-chemist (on his Dad’s side – true fact), superstar compere, Steve Cross will be telling jokes about science and scientists, and introducing all of our acts in his own inimitable way

Simon Watt: An introduction to the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. Comedy with a conservation twist.

Ellie Taylor: Ahead of the much anticipated UGLY ANIMAL PRESERVATION SOCIETY comedy night happening in London on the 21 October (plug), stand-up comedian Ellie Taylor will be championing the cause of one of the least appealing members of the animal kingdom and explaining why this ugly f*cker needs your help. NB this is not a covert fundraising effort on behalf of the Rooney family.

Alex Brown: Metaphorically thinking: how the words you know affect the way you think. From telling the difference between left and right, to teaching kids about bats, the very way we perceive the world depends on the words we know. Warning: may include Schadenfreude.

Ella Murray: I will be explaining why venn diagrams are good for sexual harassment, why penis bones mess up evolution and why science outreach in schools are a headache. Also expect random inappropriate stories about scientists and a round-up of the ungodly news. If there is time, if you are good and if I think it won’t come back to haunt me I may do chimp comedy.

Harry Cliff: I’ll be wondering why the Large Hadron Collider is so, well, large and trying to shed some light on all that Higgs boson business. Hopefully while raising a few laughs. If that doesn’t work, I may just tell some jokes about bottoms.

Robert Thompson: 6 degrees of Science, The Kevin bacon game for anyone or anything that can be vaguely described as scientific. We’ll be testing out the concept of a new podcast being produced at UCL but as a live stage version … Things to be expected, audience participation amazement, suspense and a presenter who may well be out of his depth

Action Science Theatre: Action Science Theatre produces new, original, free audio drama every month in the unaccountably ignored genre of ‘Action Science’ – so far we’ve had mathematical cultists, blood typing evil villains, paleontological assassins and zombies on a train, and we’re recording a LIVE short episode at Science Showoff. For more on us, see

Rory Fenton: I’ll be talking about the exciting possibility of building a tiny machine run on quantum mechanics which, as nano tech gets nano-er, could well happen soon.

Julie Gould: A swimming lesson without water! I plan to teach you all how to become excellent butterfly swimmers that could take on Michael Phelps, without getting wet.


Rhys Phillips: I’ll be talking about the maths behind Scouting For Girls* (*other boybands are available)

Entry to the gig is free, however as always we will be collecting money for our chosen local charity of the month, the Islington Arts Factory, who make dance, art and music accessible to everyone. We suggest a donation of £5, however higher donations get a huge round of applause from myself and Oli. I am tiny, and Oli is tall, which creates an interesting acoustic of constructive and destructive sound waves, and is highly recommended. Highly recommended by Oli and I, anyway…


See you there!

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