Science Showoff Oxford 2 – 20th September. LINEUP ANNOUNCED

Do you like science?
Do you like fun?
Do you live anywhere near Oxford?

We’ve got a real treat for you! A whole evening of brilliant science, with some of the best performers the region has to offer telling jokes, doing scientific demonstrations, telling stories and playing music.

On Friday 20th September (doors 7pm) we’re taking over the East Oxford Community Centre (that’s here) to entertain, delight and entertain with a ten incredible acts and one delirious MC. They are:

Steve Cross – Compere, chemistry-hater, joke-maker, meat-refuser.

Phil Dooley – Advice to a Dwarf Planet – what would Paul McCartney say to Pluto to help him get back on track?

Lucy Rogers – “What happens to your body in space?” A graphic description.

Brian Macken – Brian has access to some space-age materials. He’s going to bring them along and show you what they’re like! One of them would stain your skin, one will have your eye out, and one you CANNOT TOUCH due to your freakish strength.

Kimberley Bryon-Dodd – Ever wondered what happens if you give tiny nematode worms cocaine or prozac? I am going to show you and tell you how this helps us understand how the human brain works

Dom McDonald – I’ll be exploring the mysteries of the heart. With a tennis ball, and a volunteer from the audience who has very strong wrists (let’s face it, it’ll probably be a man).

Sarah Cosgriff – Sumo wrestlers are strong and a bit scary. But can they teach science?

Terence Eden – 3D printing is jaw-droppingly good fun for kids and adults. Learn how to 3D print and play with some scientific “specimens”.

Sarah Bearchell – One of my Primary School projects is ‘Ask a Scientist’. The children can ask any science question and I devise a fun demo to explore the science behind the answer. There will be stories, a favourite demo and some silliness.

Thaddeus Aid – Positive selection in humans! Genomics gone wild!

Sam Barry – Exploring the science behind Zombies. Real zombies.

The gig is FREE to get in, and we will be collecting donations on the door for The Porch who combine support for homeless people and jam making in Oxford. We suggest donating a fiver, but it’s up to you.

Doors open at 7pm, and there will be a pay bar (hooray!) to lubricate our fun. See you there!

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