Science Showoff Manchester, Oct 25th. LINEUP ANNOUNCED

Did you know that Manchester is the best city in the world? It’s a scientific fact, and I know it’s a fact because it is my opinion.

That’s why we’re so happy to be coming up for a gig with the Manchester Science Festival on October 25th. It’s at MOSI (the Museum of Science and Industry, which totally kicks the arse of its southern cousin. Doors will be at 7pm. “But who is performing nine minute sets of science-based chaos?” you ask. Well…

Steve Cross – MC. Genetic mancunian turned southern softy. “Science comedian” and winder-up of chemists.

Alison Atkin – A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away a scientist who studied skeletons realised it was possible to answer the most important question of all time: If R2-D2 wore shoes, what size would they be?

Liz Granger – ‘Isn’t beer just the bees knees? Hangovers though, not so much. We’ll explore the biology behind hangovers and investigate whether there’s a way we can avoid them using *science*’

Katie Steckles – Remember the past, when technology was clunky and discs were tiny? Marvel as Katie tames a retro object to perform for your entertainment.

Joanne Keogh – Why Lichen will outlive us all, and some good facts about Manchester’s Herbarium. You’ll be sure to lichen it.

Dave Steele – I will be using science, facts and comedic analysis to determine once and for alll the answer to the age-old question; which is better, pandas or koalas? Hint: it’s koalas.

Chella Quint – “Adventures in Menstruating” will explain periods as if kids learned about them on Sesame Street.

Tom Bishop – Weaver ants – highly aggressive little girls that live in the trees, abuse their young for construction materials and send their elderly to war. I’ll be exploring their territorial behaviours and unique battle strategies from a safe distance.

James Sumner – Why did Humphry Davy recommend adding fish-guts to beer? Experience a live demonstration of nineteenth-century brewing chemistry and its industrial-strength PR problem.

Plus more acts to be confirmed!

The gig is free to get in, but we will be collecting on the door for the charitable work of MOSI themselves, and suggest a donation of £5 or whatever suits you. Feel free to donate nothing if you’re skint – money is no obstacle to coming to this gig.

You can find out where the venue is and get all your questions answered at the Manchester Science Festival website.

This show won’t be suitable for under-16s. I suggest leaving them with a trustworthy babysitter or helpful family member.


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