Science Showoff – Wednesday 9 May – Star of Kings, London



Should you lick a rock?

Ukuleles: why?

What ARE engineers?!

Joining your compere Steve Cross on the Star of Kings (King’s Cross, London) stage to answer all your burning science questions are:

Social scientist Taha Khan, who is perpetually hoping that general geekiness is an acceptable substitute for having absent teachers throughout GCSE science

Cambridge’s Kate Feller on how mantis shrimp made her learn to play the ukulele

Holly Hall from UCL explaining the neuroscience of everyday altruism and how we can use it to combat global issues such as discrimination and environmental pollution

Hana Ayoob talking about how going on safari revealed she might have a heart of stone, and why her zoology degree is partly to blame

In the wilderness between degree and PhD, Matthew Kemp from Cambridge will take you on a geological journey from licking rocks to coding and back again

What is the hidden truth about engineers? Hayley Loren reveals all

Belle Taylor asks what makes a Slytherin, and why has science turned her into one?

Jonathan Cairns trying to persuade you that using data science in medicine to save lives is cool, even though he isn’t

Doors are 7pm for a 7.30 start

All proceeds from ticket sales go to charity. Book HERE. (£6.60)


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